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Staff Captain

Vadym Tavrovetskyy


  • Kherson Maritime College
  • Odessa State Naval Academy


Vadym Tavrovetskyy was born in Kherson city in southern Ukraine, the home of a major ship-building industry situated at the mouth of Dnieper River. From the childhood, being surrounded by shipbuilders, Vadym watched his father as he worked in a shipyard. He observed newly built merchant vessels leaving the shipyard and heading towards the sea, and dreamt of becoming a seaman.

In 1993, Vadym graduated from Kherson Maritime College as Navigator. He would spend the next five years working in the shipyard alongside his father. In 1998, he started his “life at sea” on board his first vessel (container ship) in position of Ordinary Seaman. In 2000, he joined the cruise industry as an Able Seaman onboard Ro–Ro passenger vessel. Vadym was gradually promoted to 3rd Officer, 2nd Officer, and Safety Officer. In 2012, he graduated from the Odessa State Naval Academy and obtained Master’s Marine License, followed by being promoted to Staff Captain on a passenger vessel in 2013.

Vadym has worked on many ships prior to joining the Semester at Sea program in September 2018. He likes the program on board the MV World Odyssey and hopes to continue his involvement. In his free time, Vadym enjoys traveling by car, fishing, and outdoor sports games.