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Yael Avrahami

Oranim: Academic College of Education, Israel

Yael Avrahami is a biblical scholar who is interested in the windows that ancient texts open for us into ancient cultures and minds. She is also amazed by the extent to which reading ancient texts can improve our understanding of contemporary cultures and minds. In the last six years, Dr. Avrahami served as the Head of the Department for Biblical Studies at Oranim: Academic College of Education, located in northern Israel.  In addition to her academic role, she is involved with promoting dialogical and contemplative education. Before this position she served as a lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Avrahami earned an MA in Comparative Religion from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a PhD in Biblical Studies from the University of Haifa, Israel. She also spent a semester as a PhD student at Temple University, Philadelphia under the Fulbright Foundation. Dr. Avrahami is the author of The Senses of Scripture: Sensory Perception in Ancient Israel (Bloomsbury, 2011), which won the Leutenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise (2012). She is also a co-author  of Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia: a Reader’s Edition (Hendrickson, 2014), a book that makes the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) more available for English speaking readership. When off the writing desk, Dr. Avrahami enjoys traveling the world with her spouse Sharon and their two boys Shallem and Lev. Beaches, high mountains and markets are her top choice of travel. She is excited to come back to some of her favorite locations with the students at Semester at Sea Fall 2016, as well as to discover with them some new ports and adventures.