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Fall 2018: A Voyage Around the World

Fall 2018

A Voyage Around the World
Associate Professor

Yolanda Sarason

Colorado State University

Yolanda Sarason is an associate professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at Colorado State University. Her research area focuses on social venturing in emerging economies. Her publications include theoretical research as well as teaching cases. An example is a recent publication, “East meets West: Growing a For Profit Social Venture in Vietnam”. The case focuses on Fargreen, a for-profit social venture started in Vietnam to minimize rice straw burning, a practice that creates significant environmental and health issues. Another case is “Ayzh at a crossroad:  Maternal: Health for Whom?”. This case focuses on a start-up social venture that is providing maternal birthing kits in India and is considering expanding to Africa.

Professor Sarason received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico in Psychology and earned her MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado. Her doctorate is in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She teaches in the entrepreneurship program and has taught the graduate and undergraduate strategic management capstone courses. Professor Sarason was a Fulbright Scholar in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2015-2016. Teaching experiences also include entrepreneurship at Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam and strategic management in Quito, Ecuador and Caen, France.

Prior to her academic career, Professor Sarason worked in a number of start-up ventures as well as a family-owned business. Her passions include travel, outdoor aerobic sports and dance exercise. She loves spending time with friends, and family – especially her adult sons. Professor Sarason believes that education abroad has the potential of transforming the world in that nations may learn to live in peace and friendship.