From Aloha to Mahalo: Waikiki Beyond the Postcard

From Aloha to Mahalo: Waikiki Beyond the Postcard: Guided by representatives of the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association, we look at a Waikiki that lies beyond tropical beach resorts, hula performances, and luaus. We begin with a walk along the Waikiki Historical Trail, to get a sense of a Hawaii before tourism. We follow this with visits to historical sites that are important reminders of a flourishing Hawaiian culture and society. We will have an opportunity to learn Hawaiian language, music, and cultural practices, even as our bus tour takes us through the tourist scape of conventional Hawaiian tourism.

Academic Objectives:

1. To observe the tourist spaces of Waikiki and develop skills at reading tourist sites
2. To gain an understanding of the various stakes and players in Waikiki tourism
3. To obtain an “insider” perspective on the local importance of culture and tradition