Visual Exploration: Figures in Art

This field lab will be a day of visual exploration and contemplation of the human figure in art.  Students will observe and draw expressive figures from the historical paintings and sculptures in the collection including Bernini, Caravaggio, Raphael, Correggio, Titian, Dossi, etc. at the Galleria Borghese.  Using both photography and on-the-move sketching, students will document figures in the landscape of the gardens of the Villa Borghese.  On location at the Spanish Steps, students will observe and draw live, contemporary people – Romans, tourists, and perhaps each other – expressing emotions and making visual statements in their drawings. The visual research completed during this field lab will be incorporated into a finished collage in classes on ship.

Academic objectives:

  1. Drawing from historical sculpture (Bernini, etc) and an historical painting (Caravaggio, etc.) to perceive, understand, and capture expressive forces of figures in art.
  2. Photographing  or on-the-move sketching of emotionally passive figures or a figurative sculpture in the landscape.
  3. Sketching contemporary figures in the city from direct observation at the Spanish Steps to observe and convey a variety of emotional sensibilities.