International Public Health in Cape Town

The Field Lab will first visit the TB/HIV Care Association, a Cape Town based NGO. The association, which has a long history since its establishment in 1929, works to improve TB and HIV management by increasing access to diagnosis, care, treatment and treatment adherence support. It offers testing and screening, training, clinical mentorship, advocacy, and other specialized support. During our visit, we will learn about the history and operations of the NGO and tour the facilities. Various individuals will share their time and discuss with us the situation regarding services and care for individuals infected with TB and HIV in the Cape Town area.

In the afternoon, we will tour the Langa Township. Langa, the Xhosa word for ‘sun’, is the oldest township in South Africa, created shortly following the 1923 Native (Urban Areas) Act, which forced Africans to live in certain locations. Here we will observe the daily life of township residents via a walking tour of the area, observing residential and commercial life in the township. Education, employment, ways to keep local customs alive, the importance of traditional foods, and health and hygiene will be discussed.

Academic Objectives:

  1. Gain insight into the history of TB and HIV in South Africa, leading to the establishment of various NGOs and specialty services.
  2. Analyze the current situation and future prospect regarding care for individuals with TB and HIV in the Cape Town area.
  3. Appreciate the intersectionality of poverty, education, race, class and gender inequalities as it affects health.