Seville: A Confluence of Cultures

This immersive field lab experience will take us from Cadiz, Spain to Seville. Having at one point been controlled by both the Moors and the Christians, Seville will provide us the opportunity to visit and engage with both European and African architecture and culture. While in Seville, we will visit Seville Cathedral, a Roman-Catholic church and the largest Gothic church in the world. Built on the former site of a mosque, the church provides context for the mixture of cultures throughout Seville’s history. From the Cathedral, we’ll walk through Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville’s historic Jewish quarter. After lunch—a box lunch or you can purchase something in town—we’ll continue to the Alcazar, an historic Moorish palace and an excellent example of Moorish architecture. From the Alcazar, we will continue to the Parque Santa Maria where will visit the Plaza de Espana and take time to sit and record our thoughts, observations, and impressions as we prepare to leave Europe and continue to Africa.

Academic Objectives:

1. To discuss, contemplate, and experience the geographical significance of Seville as a meeting point of historical European and African cultures.

2. To record and reflect upon our observations as we move through multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites and engage with Seville through the lens of a travel writer.

3. To reflect upon our travels so far throughout Europe and identify our expectations and thoughts as we move from Europe to Africa.