Casablanca: The Way of the Known and Unknown

Our objectives are to find ways in which we see and experience spaces which contribute to or defy stereotypes; ways in which we place that which we don’t understand, that which causes us to feel lost, or different from those around us.  In particular, to visit with people at work, play, in plenty and in need, and to allow ourselves to be lost in ways of life we do not know or easily understand.

We will challenge ourselves to interact with people who are on a walk in life that is very different from ours. Whether we are enjoying the luxuries of fine arts and crafts or the ways in which the poor are fed, whether we are lost in a market of millions of things to buy or visiting an orphanage, whether we are talking with a vendor about his or her family or hearing from a charity worker about his or her calling in life, we will be seeking the contrast between what we believe we already know about how people live and what we have yet to learn.