After-School Enrichment at Sidi Moumen Cultural Center

CAS 117-301
  • Learn about the services offered at the Sidi Moumen Community Center
  • Participate in activities for the after-school program
  • Sit down to dinner with local center volunteers
Program Overview
Country: Morocco
Depart: Apr 13, 2020 1:00 PM
Return: Apr 13, 2020 7:30 PM
Duration: Day Program (7 hours)
Capacity: 33
Difficulty: Easy
Category: Lean In
Program Fee
$100.00 (early booking: $94.00)

Spend time in an area of Casablanca that most visitors never see. Founded in 2007 by Boubkey Mazoz, the remarkable Sidi Moumen Cultural Center is dedicated to helping the city’s marginalized, and mostly unemployed, youth improve their opportunities in life through educational, sports, and artistic programs by providing a safe, clean, and happy place for them to thrive after school. Sidi Moumen Cultural Center has a unique model of community organizing, one which uses the local talent of the neighborhood to run the programs, rather than bringing in privileged volunteers from outside the area. Voyagers will be given a brief tour of the neighborhood, the local health clinic, and the Center. Afterward, voyagers will break into groups to participate in a variety of activities that might include lending a hand in the newly founded kindergarten, cleaning up the garbage and trash from an area behind the Center, painting, or playing soccer with the older students. Share a meal with local volunteers at the center before returning to the ship.

“Eating at tables with the other volunteers from the area was very valuable. I have never felt so welcomed by a community. This was an amazing first introduction to Morocco.” – Erin, Spring 2016 Voyager

“I’m so charged after this program. It was great! It made me love Morocco…” – Abram, Spring 2016 Voyager

Meals Included

  • Dinner (served in Family style, including water and soft drinks)