Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge

Program Overview
Country: Brazil

Situated one hour from Manaus, the Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge is a privately-owned ecological complex and scientific and educational enterprise, operating since 1991. The main structure is a native style maloca (longhouse) with hammocks strung about for relaxing after a day’s outing in the forest.  Located on the Tarumã River bank, the lodge is home to a large preserve of free ranging primates indigenous to the Amazon and includes over six miles of jungle trails.  The grounds are dotted with thatched-roofed cabanas and common areas, which are connected by a series of footpaths. The grounds may seem familiar as the area served as a partial set and base camp for the 1997 adventure film, Anaconda. There are several fresh water streams, jungle trails with diverse vegetation, including virgin forests, natural savannas and creeks for canoeing.