Berber Villages Of The High Atlas Mountains

Program Overview
Country: Morocco

Located on an oasis at the base of the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the gateway city to the Sahara. Legend and fact both contribute to the explanation of Marrakech’s unique character.  The town’s origins are attributed to the development of an oasis, which grew out of the refuse of caravans from the south, whose food supplies contained dates.  The palm groves that sprang up provided an ideal place for the Saharan nomad Almoravids to settle.  Since that time, Marrakech has seen many dynasties and fortunes rise and fall, resulting in a remarkably beautiful city that has not only become the capital of southern Morocco but an integral city to the Islamic world.  The cultural, natural and historical attractions of this traditional Berber capital, seat to nearly all of Morocco’s dynasties over the last thousand years, make Marrakech the top tourism destination in North Africa.

From Marrakech, travel into the mountains and become truly immersed in Morocco’s rural culture.  Spend a few days enjoying the varied scenery and the kind hospitality of the Berber villagers.  Enjoy walks through cultivated terraced fields with the jagged mountains of the High Atlas rising into the distance.  This trip provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with, and learn about, rural Berber communities as participants will spend two nights in the villages.