Coral Reef Conservation: the Rainforests of the Ocean

MAU 132-101
  • Visit the Nauticaz Marine Discovery Center and its research laboratory
  • Learn about coral reef conservation research at a local lagoon
  • Explore the sights underwater in a glass-bottomed boat
  • Learn about the importance of mangroves to coastal eco-systems
Program Overview
Country: Mauritius
Depart: Oct 19, 2018 9:15 AM
Return: Oct 19, 2018 5:15 PM
Duration: Day Program (8 hours)
Capacity: 39
Difficulty: Moderate
Program Fee
$25.00 (early booking: $25.00)

Field Work Conflicts
  • ANTH-100-77120 Introductory Cultural Anthropology (Section 1)
  • LB-171-77155 World Literatures-The Modern Period
  • MKT-366-81245 Services Marketing
  • NR-150-77188 Oceanography (Section 2)
  • PSY-100-81942 General Psychology

This Field Program is provided at a significantly reduced cost* to voyagers as part of the Braun-Glazer Ocean Conservation Initiative! Funded by the generous support of donors Lisa Braun-Glazer and Jeff Glazer, the initiative seeks to provide SAS Voyagers with a broad understanding of the planet’s ocean system, its environmental challenges and opportunities for individuals to actively engage in ocean stewardship. All participants will be required to complete a program evaluation and send a note of thanks to the donors. 

*The $25 registration fee will be given as a donation to Reef Conservation Mauritius. 

Did you know coral reefs occupy only 0.7% of the ocean floor, but provide a habitat and vital nursery grounds for 25% of all marine species on the planet? Spend your day in Mauritius joining Reef Conservation Mauritius in a hands-on day of learning and fun. Reef Conservation Mauritius is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and the restoration of the coastal and marine environment of Mauritius.

Participants will begin at the Nauticaz Marine Discovery Center  and learn more about the coral reef habitat, the different type of species that call this habitat home and an introduction to the threats facing this ecosystem.  The group will then be split into three small-group rotations which include:

  1. Glass Bottom Boat: Enjoy a 1-hour boat journey to visit the Anse-La Raie Lagoon research station, the snorkeling trail (snorkeling not allowed), and learn about the lagoon.
  2. The Mangrove session: Discuss the importance of mangroves to coastal eco-systems, pay a visit to the field, and participate in some mangrove planting.
  3. Discover the laboratory:  Learn about coral bleaching, how to monitor reefs and what data is needed. Here voyagers can look at the different methods of testing, using a microscope, taking water and temperature measures, and looking a bit closer at tiles for coral spawning.

Discover how climate change is affecting coral reefs and what you can do here.

Want to learn a bit more about the research being conducted at Anse-La Raie Lagoon? Check it out here.

Meals Included

  • BBQ Lunch