Marine Pollution & Dolphin Rescue | Ocean Conservation

BCN 137-101
  • Guided tour of the CRAM Foundation
  • Learn more about Maritime pollution from an expert
  • Participate in a dolphin rescue simulation
  • View the foundation’s sea turtles in recovery
  • Enjoy lunch on the beach
Program Overview
Country: Spain
Depart: Sep 15, 2018 9:00 AM
Return: Sep 15, 2018 5:00 PM
Duration: Day Program (8 hours)
Capacity: 48
Difficulty: Moderate
Program Fee
$25.00 (early booking: $25.00)

Field Work Conflicts
  • POLS-241-81218 Comparative Government and Politics
  • ART-492A-81192 Seminar: Art History
  • LGEN-480A1-81948 Studies in Foreign Film - Global
  • MU-132-81244 Exploring World Music (Section 1)
  • SPCM-130-81202 Relational and Organizational Communication

This Field Program is provided at a significantly reduced cost* to voyagers as part of the Braun-Glazer Ocean Conservation Initiative! Funded by the generous support of donors Lisa Braun-Glazer and Jeff Glazer, the initiative seeks to provide SAS Voyagers with a broad understanding of the planet’s ocean system, its environmental challenges and opportunities for individuals to actively engage in ocean stewardship. All participants will be required to complete a program evaluation and send a note of thanks to the donors. 

*The $25 registration fee will be given as a donation to the CRAM Foundation.

CRAM Foundation is a marine recovery center on the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the rehabilitation of marine wildlife, the center also conducts research into the conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and brings awareness of conservation of our seas and oceans to the local community.

Join staff from CRAM in unique activities exploring coastline pollution and the rescue procedures for dolphins. During the day, take a guided tour of the facility to learn more about their mission and efforts and meet some of the sea turtles in recovery; talk with conservation professionals about the pollution of the Catalonian coastline; spend some time on the beach; and participate in a dolphin rescue simulation. Voyagers will have the opportunity to observe the ambulances and the real-life veterinary tools that rescue workers employ during these situations.

Check out FundacioCram’s Youtube Channel to see them in action!

Read more about the plastics problem along the Mediterranean here and here.

Want to learn more about the affects of marine pollution on dolphins? Read this article.

Meals Included

  • Lunch

Special Note

  • Light clothing and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.