Lisbon’s Street Art

LIS 101-101
  • Orient yourself to the city through its street art
  • Navigate small winding alleys via tuk tuk
Program Overview
Country: Portugal
Depart: Sep 26, 2019 9:30 AM
Return: Sep 26, 2019 12:30 PM
Duration: Day Program (3 hours)
Capacity: 32
Program Fee
$53.00 (early booking: $50.00)

Field Work Conflicts
  • MGT-430-83309 Leadership and Social Responsibility
  • FSHN-150-83299 Survey of Human Nutrition
  • RRM-350-83316 Hospitality Marketing
  • PSY-292D-79583 Seminar: Special Topics in Psychology
  • SPCM-100-83355 Communication and Popular Culture
  • NR-150-77186 Oceanography (Section 1)
  • POLS-241-81218 Comparative Government and Politics

Like many big cities, Lisbon is an open-air gallery. Enjoy the best of urban art while traveling between sites via tuk tuk through the beautiful and historical city center. Vhils, Bordalo II, Aka Corleone, Tamara Alves and Mário Belém are some of the most impressive names in this urban art area in Lisbon. They are joined by artists from all over the world who choose Lisbon to serve as a screen to the most varied styles of messages and artwork.

Special Note

  • No children under 6 allowed