Poland North to South: 4 Days & 4 Cities (3 nights)

GDA 400-301
  • Poznan – Old Town
  • Wroclaw – Old Town
  • Auschwitz Concentration Camp – UNESCO
  • Krakow – Old Town – UNESCO
  • Warsaw – vibrant capital + Old Town UNESCO
Program Overview
Country: Poland
Depart: Sep 17, 2019 7:00 AM
Return: Sep 20, 2019 5:00 PM
Duration: Overnight Program
Capacity: 45
Program Fee
$1,116.00 (early booking: $1,050.00)

Field Work Conflicts
  • MKT-300-81251 Marketing (Section 2)

***Please note, this program involves long travel times. This program also visits a site of genocide (concentration camp). Voyagers should thoughtfully and respectfully prepare for this experience.***

Check out the key highlights of Poland from north to south, 4 cities in 4 days!

Start off the journey to Poznan. It’s the fifth-largest city in Poland and is best known for its renaissance Old Town and Ostrów Tumski Cathedral. Today, Poznań is an important cultural and business center and one of Poland’s most populous regions with many regional customs such as Saint John’s Fair (Jarmark Świętojański), traditional Saint Martin’s croissants and a local dialect. Continue on towards Wroclaw, known as the polish Venice. Search for the famous Wroclaw dwarf statues. There are more than 200 hidden throughout the city!!

On the following morning, visit the Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration and Extermination Camp to learn more about the the WWII Halocaust. Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi camps where over 1.1 million people lost their lives. It is a heart-breaking memorial, but an opportunity for both somber reflection and education. Through various exhibits, learn about the most important history of the camp, and the genesis of the Nazi movement as well as the specific nature of German occupation on Polish lands. The main emphases is placed on the reasons for founding the camp and the political background of its operation; the process of extermination of the Jews; various forms of extermination, the conditions of living and employment of prisoners; the forms of resistance and aid provided to the prisoners from outside. Separate display-boards present detailed groups of victims such as women, the Roma, children or Soviet prisoners of war. There are several in-depth exhibits including the exhibition entitled “Forbidden Art” which presents camp art created illegally by prisoners. The presented works include various forms of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, metalwork, and literature.

In the afternoon, drive to Krakow to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Chapel of St. Kinga – known as the Underground Cathedral of Poland and one of the oldest salt mines in Europe. All is carved by hand from salt blocks.

On the third morning, explore Krakow to learn more about its history with visits to Wawel Hill with its Royal Castle and Cathedral. Afterward visit the Old Town with its market square, Cloth Hall’s renaissance style market arcade and St. Mary Church with Wit Stwosz Alter. After lunch drive to Warsaw.

On the last day, start off with an orientation of Warsaw and get to know the highest and most recognized symbol of the city – the “Gift of the Soviet People to the Polish Nation’ offered by Joseph Stalin considered as a symbol of communism in Poland.
During the visit to the Palace of Culture and Science, admire the spectacular city view from the 30th floor viewing platform. Next explore the Old Town and its colorful market square and drive along the Royal Route lined with palaces, historical churches and famous statues– including the Royal Castle, the symbol of the city – Warsaw’s mermaid, St. John Cathedral, and Holy Cross church. Continue on with a tour focused on the Jewish heritage of Warsaw including the remnants of Ghetto wall and Ghetto heroes Memorial Monument. After lunch, proceed back to Gdansk.


Day 1

  • Travel to Poznan (~4hrs)
  • Lunch
  • Poznan sightseeing
  • Travel to Wroclaw (~2.5hrs)
  • Dinner
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Travel to the Auschwitz – Birkenau (~2.5hrs)
  • Visit camp and its exhibits
  • Travel to Krakow (~1hr)
  • Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Chapel of St. Kinga
  • Dinner
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Krakow sightseeing
  • Lunch
  • Travel to Warsaw (4hrs)
  • Dinner
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Warsaw sightseeing
  • Lunch
  • Travel back to Gdansk (~4hrs)

***Times and activities are tentative and subject to change. Please be flexible.***

Meals Included

Day 1: lunch, dinner
Day 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 3: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 4: breakfast, lunch

Special Note

  • This program involves long travel times! Participants should be prepared for the bus rides.
  • This program visits a site of genocide (concentration camp). Participants should thoughtfully and respectfully prepare for this experience. Given the nature of this visit, this program is recommended for participants 16 years and older.