Program Overview
Country: Morocco

North Africa was a significant center during the Roman Empire, and Morocco played a vital part in the expansion of Islam. History classes will use this ancient site to study the movement of these peoples.  The medieval traveler, Ibn Battuta, began his travels from Morocco in the 14th century; on this tour, participants will visit some of the sites he would have seen.

Although Rabat has a thousand-year history, it became a major city only in the 20th century when the French moved the administrative capital from Fes to Rabat.  Since then it has become a distinguished, elegant and modern city.  It is the closest city to Casablanca where one may feel the historical grandeur and cultural diversity of Morocco.  First visited by the Phoenicians, Rabat later served as the capital to the 12th-century Almohad dynasty, which is responsible for some of the city’s most impressive monuments.  The small casbah and Old City (medina) offer a relaxed look at traditional culture.