Shai Hills Game Reserve And Akosombo Dam

Program Overview
Country: Ghana

Depart Accra for the Shai Hills Game Reserve, which combines nature conservation, rich cultural interest and archaeological sites with splendid scenic beauty. Trek through the reserve and view some of West Africa’s notable game: antelope, bushbucks, kobs, baboons, monkeys and many bird species, including the crested eagle. Visit the Obonu Tem and Se Yo caves which serve as home to many animals, notably insectivorous bats. Also tour the famous Akosombo Dam, a hydroelectric dam in southeastern Ghana. The dam is located at the Akosombo gorge on the Volta River. The dam’s construction resulted in the flooding of the Volta River Basin, which subsequently created Lake Volta. Lake Volta is the world’s largest manmade lake and covers approximately 3.6 percent of Ghana’s total land area.