The Art Of Tiles Painting

Program Overview
Country: Portugal

Many countries display their heritage in museums. Portugal’s national treasures are colorful, hand­-painted tiles – azulejos – that adorn homes, buildings, palaces, churches and even subway stations. Dating from the 15th century, the blue­ and­ white or multi­colored tiles are a storybook of the country’s artistic provenance from former times to present day.

Enjoy a panoramic drive of the city centre on the way towards Alfama District. Stop at Portas do Sol Belvedere from where you will view the typical façades of this old part of the city and its winding lanes and anarchic stairways. Just aside is the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation, home of the Higher School of Decorative Arts Museum and the Institute of Arts and Crafts. Guests will get in touch with local art crafts and see artisans specialized in leather carving, book binding, gold leaf making, antiques and tiles painting. You are invited to learn how to paint the historic tiles by participating in an unforgettable workshop.