Township Homestay Group B

CAP 203-301
  • Visit to a local township (Tambo Village)
  • Stay with a local family
Program Overview
Country: South Africa
Depart: 03/21/2017 1600
Return: 03/22/2017 1000
Duration: Overnight
Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: Min. 16/Max. 36
Program Fee
$75 (early booking: $71)

Townships in South Africa came about as a result of apartheid city-planning policies, which excluded ‘non-white’ people from living in the suburbs of the city. They were forcibly moved to peripheral areas on the edge of the city, where they had to live in harsh conditions and cope with extreme poverty. Although apartheid may have ended with the birth of democracy on April 26, 1994, when all races were allowed to vote, many people still face harsh conditions from the consequences of poverty. Despite these conditions, the townships are filled with a strong sense of community, vibrancy and faith. There is a growing sense of hope as many redefine their futures within and beyond the boundaries of the township.

Tambo Village is a community located within the Gugulethu Township. As a small, contained community where everyone knows each other and lives within walking distance, Tambo is an ideal location to experience a homestay.

This homestay project is fully-embraced by the community; it is owned and operated by community members. They have a vested interest in the comfort and safety of their guests. The accommodations in Tambo are simple. The houses are built out of brick and mortar and have running water, flush toilets and electricity.

Meals Included

Includes dinner and breakfast.

Special Note

-Geysers (water heaters) are not standard; bathing in some houses is either with cold water or with water heated up on the stove.
-Participants registered in this program will share a room with another SAS participant within the family home and must be prepared to share a double bed. This is a separate room from where the family sleeps.
-All linen and bedding is provided.
-Meals are prepared and provided by the host family. The food quality is excellent and special dietary needs may be catered for on request.
-Please note: At the home stay families request, this trip is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.