Global Ambassadors Program



Jun 23, 2015


Global Ambassadors Program


A dedicated program for student outreach efforts.

Global Ambassadors are outstanding and articulate SAS student alumni who possess a strong desire to spread the mission, vision, and value of Semester at Sea on their college or university campus. Through innovation and creativity, each ambassador keeps their story of SAS alive and invites others to embark on their own voyage of discovery with SAS.

Becoming a Global Ambassador

All student alumni who meet the following criteria may apply to become Global Ambassadors.

  1. Remain in good standing with Semester at Sea (academically and conduct)
  2. Have at least 2 academic terms remaining at your college/university
  3. Demonstrate a willingness to coordinate SAS promotion on your campus
  4. Be able to work as part of a virtual supportive network, taking initiative and have an ability to work well with autonomy

To inquire about becoming a Global Ambassador, email

About Global Ambassadors

A Global Ambassador is an active voluntary member of the SAS alumni community. As such, an ambassador is a storyteller–combining the mission and key messages of SAS with personal experiences–allowing the most relevant perspectives about the program to be told. Promoting the program and telling your story can take many forms. Here are a few examples:

Share your story out loud: This can be accomplished through classroom presentations, an information table while engaging those who visit, information sessions, coffee house talks, presenting to a club, organization, student group, etc.

Share your story through art and media: write an article for the campus paper, create and share a blog, get interviewed for campus radio, TV, newspaper, or website, create a scrapbook to show at info sessions and tables, do a souvenir based talk, enter in a study abroad photo contest, etc.

Engage in social media: SAS is on multiple social media sites. There are many different Facebook groups to contribute to as well as Twitter posts and YouTube videos. Spend a couple of hours answering questions of those showing interest for the program through these sites, or post your own comments, stories and photographs.

Share your story one-on-one: Some of the most natural and effective promotion happens while talking to someone one-on-one about SAS and making a personal connection. Another way to do this type of promotion is by mentoring someone who will be going through a similar voyage application and financial aid/credit transfer process as you did.

Program Benefits

As a Global Ambassador, you will be part of a program structured intentionally to be mutually beneficial. Some benefits include:

  • Stay actively involved in the Semester at Sea community
  • Be able to share voyage experiences in a meaningful way
  • Gain skills and experience in public speaking, event planning, outreach, writing, marketing, and communications
  • Receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of your term

Expectations of Global Ambassadors

The basic requirement is 2-3 events or projects per semester/academic term. The 2-3 events/projects is contingent upon the size and time investment required. Global Ambassadors are also required to communicate regularly with various SAS staff members, including the Global Ambassador Program Coordinator.


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