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Program Fee Refund Plan



Director of Marketing and Communications
Sep 15, 2017


Program Fee Refund Plan

The cost of semester study abroad is a substantial investment.  If you are hurt or become ill and cannot complete the semester, you stand to lose thousands of dollars.

Semester at Sea’s Program Fee includes the cost of tuition (which includes required field classes), room and board, and travel health insurance–less financial aid. The Program Fee does not include the cost of Semester at Sea field excursions, on-board purchases, or independent travel.  The Program Fee is not refundable once the semester is underway.

The Program Fee Refund Plan will help to alleviate the financial loss in the unfortunate case where illness or injury forces you to leave the semester. It will provide funds which can reduce your loan obligations under government or private loan programs.

The Plan is administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., Quincy, Massachusetts, now in its ninth decade of service to the higher educational community. Over 1,200 schools and colleges throughout North America offer the Plan. The Plan described below has been specifically designed for the needs of college students and parents. It offers a unique benefit of a significant refund of Program Fee when you are forced to withdraw for medical reasons at any time during the semester.

The Program Fee Refund Plan

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