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About Student Life



Hallie Smyth
Jun 27, 2016


About Student Life

At Semester at Sea, our mission guides us. Our mission is to educate students with global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.

Our mission also delineates how learning occurs on Semester at Sea: our unique shipboard program integrates multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experience for meaningful engagement in the global community.

Finally, our mission proclaims that the world is our campus. Learning on Semester at Sea occurs across three distinct milieus: in the Classroom, in the shipboard Community, and In-Country (also known as “the field”).  The Faculty are the primary stewards of Classroom learning (both onboard and In-Country Field Classes) while the Student Life and Field Staff are the primary mediators of onboard Community life and In-Country Programs, respectively. Both Faculty and Staff collaborate to insure that seamless learning opportunities are appropriately integrated and extend into each of these environments.

Student Life has a diverse and complicated set of responsibilities. The work of Student Life enhances and supports the academic mission by encouraging independent thought and teaching interdependent behavior, advocating for the common good and championing the rights of the individual, and encouraging intelligent risk taking and setting limits on behavior.

Student Life provides programs and services directly to students and can be expected to:
  • Help students explore and clarify values
  • Encourage development of friendships among students and a sense of community
  • Create opportunities for students to expand their aesthetic and cultural appreciation
  • Teach students how to resolve individual and group conflicts
  • Provide programs and services for students who have learning difficulties
  • Help students understand and appreciate racial, ethnic, gender, and other differences
  • Design opportunities for leadership development
  • Establish programs that encourage health living and confront abusive behaviors
  • Provide opportunities for recreation and leisure-time activities
  • Help students clarify career objections and explore options for further study.
Student Life shares assumptions and beliefs that shape their work, including:
  • The Academic Mission Is Preeminent
  • Each Student Is Unique
  • Each Person Has Worth & Dignity
  • Bigotry Cannot Be Tolerated
  • Feelings Affect Thinking & Learning
  • Student Involvement Enhances Learning
  • Personal Circumstances Affect Learning
  • The Co-Curricular Amplifies and Extends Learning
  • A Supportive & Friendly Community Helps Students Learn
  • The Freedom to Doubt and Question Must Be Guaranteed
  • Effective Citizenship Should Be Taught
  • Students Are Responsible For Their Own Lives

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