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Connecting with your Semester at Sea fellow alumni starts here. See below for links to official SAS social networks and for an online Manifest submission form.

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SAS groups and fan pages across social media sites are a great way for you to stay informed, post and search for internships or job openings, catch up with fellow alumni, and share your stories. See below for all the ways to connect with SAS alumni & friends online.

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Manifest Submissions

Submit your newsworthy updates using the form below, so your shipmates can stay up to date as you further your education, pursue new career interests, and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Update your contact information by emailing with your current mailing address, email address, and the best phone number to reach you. Please note that we invite alumni to regional events based on zip code, so be sure to send us your address in order to hear about upcoming events and voyages.

Volunteer Opportunities


It is the ongoing commitment of our alumni volunteers that allows the Semester at Sea Alumni Association to grow and remain a strong force in the lives of SAS participants. To our alumni, we say thank you for your sharing your time, talents and expertise in support of Semester at Sea!

SAS Volunteer Checklist

Attend Events and Reunions

DSC_9072-X2 (1) DSC_8676-X2

Alumni, parents and friends are invited to attend reunion voyages, regional events, and bon voyage/welcome home events. Stay tuned to the events calendar for dates and details. Alumni events offer the chance to connect with fellow shipmates and form new memories, either aboard the ship or in your hometown.

View Upcoming Alumni Events

Alumni Councils


The Alumni Association Councils include the Lifelong Learner Council, Voyagers Council, Faculty & Staff Council, Parents Council, Young Alumni Council, and the Chapter Representatives.

Council Structure and Responsibilities

Each Alumni Association Council consists of 10 – 50 members.

Council members are expected to meet a minimum of three of the four requirements below:

  • Attend the AABOD annual meeting in January (required for new members);
  • Participate in at least three of the quarterly conference calls and other committee calls as needed;
  • Be an active member of the council by helping to reach the goals and priorities set forth by the council and ISE;
  • Contribute to the SAS Annual Fund.

Nomination Process

Council members are self-nominated and voted upon by the Alumni Association Board of Directions. Council members serve a two-year term starting in September with the option of serving additional two-year terms at the discretion of the council Co-Chairs, provided that the member is meeting all necessary requirements.

The following criteria will be applied for considering applicants:
  • A demonstrated commitment to serving the needs and interests of Semester at Sea alumni;
  • A demonstrated commitment to furthering the mission of Semester at Sea, through financial contributions, volunteer leadership and participation in Semester at Sea alumni events;
  • Evidence of leadership ability.

Selection Process

Alumni Association Council members shall be self-nominated. Please fill out the AAL Application 2017-18 and email it to The application period is January 1 – May 15 for a September 1 start. Applications must be received by May 15 to be considered for the following academic year. Alumni Association Council Co-chairs will determine how many candidates need to be added to their councils for the coming year, will review all applications and then forward their recommendations to the Alumni Association Board of Directors for a vote by July 1 at the latest. All Alumni Association Council nominees will be notified of the status of their application no later than July 15. Mid-year applicants must wait until the application period to submit their applications.

Download the NEW MEMBER APPLICATION here. If you are applying for the Young Alumni Council, please read this first.


  • Voyagers Council
  • Faculty and Staff Council
  • Parents Council
  • Lifelong Learners Council
  • Young Alumni Council
  • Chapter Representatives

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The principal purpose of the AABOD is to strengthen the bond between alumni and the Institute for Shipboard Education in supporting the mission of Semester at Sea. This includes support of increased enrollments, increased philanthropic giving, and increased engagement at alumni events. Semester at Sea alumni are considered anyone who has sailed on an academic credit granting “Semester” voyage as a student, lifelong learner, faculty, staff, or family member. Additionally, parents of alumni are special members of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is made up of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Past President) and the Co-Chairs of each Council.

  • Liz Zavodsky, President
  • Mandy Bratton, Vice President
  • Kyle Koelbel, Secretary
  • Shelley Galloway, Immediate Past President
  • Nancy Visenberg, Past President
  • Jim Danziger, Faculty and Staff Council Co-Chair
  • Marti Fessenden, Faculty and Staff Council Co-Chair
  • Nancy Tietge, Lifelong Learner Co-Chair
  • Marillee Carroll, Lifelong Learner Co-Chair
  • Elaine Deutsch, Parents Council Co-Chair
  • Star Lancaster, Parents Council Co-Chair
  • Courtney Miller, Voyagers Council Co-Chair
  • Scott Ostrom, Voyagers Council Co-Chair
  • Leigh Anne Gilbert, Young Alumni Council Co-Chair
  • Alyson Coleman, Young Alumni Council Co-Chair
  • Cindy Zomchek, Chapter Representatives Co-Chair
  • Brittany Palmer, Chapter Representatives Co-Chair

Faculty and Staff Council

  • Michelle Camacho
  • Sue Camele
  • Sergio Carvalho
  • Peter Chu
  • Ciara Cole
  • Jim Danziger
  • Marti Fessenden
  • Sarah Olson
  • Patricia O’Neill
  • Adam Seid
  • Bernie Strenecky
  • Eileen Strenecky
  • Rhonda Williams
  • Karen Wosiski

Parents Council

  • Nancy Ackelson and Jim van Arsdel
  • Teresa and Garth Aubert
  • Katrina Barlow
  • Bill Britt
  • Jan Britt
  • Pat and Tom Bronzo
  • Kelley Buckley
  • Suzy Cawthon
  • Cheryl and J Dart
  • Peggy DeFranco
  • Elaine Deutsch
  • Jo-Ann Harris
  • Linda and Tom Hurley
  • Evan Kaplan
  • Star Lancaster
  • Kathy and Bill Meleyco
  • Betsy and Bruce Olson
  • Louis Patler
  • Kathy and Mark Paur
  • Cathy Rodgers
  • Meg Swimelar
  • Loren and Dana Tomlinson
  • Jim van Arsdel
  • Ginny and Roy Wagner
  • Meet the Parents Council Members

Voyagers Council

  • Dan Brutlag
  • Erik Cox
  • Rachel Cox
  • Zaneeta Daver
  • Ann Nora Ehret
  • Wendy Kettering
  • Mitch Levine
  • Kristine Love
  • Courtney Miller
  • Sarah Monroe
  • Scott Ostrom
  • Matt Parisi
  • Randi Sue Quat
  • John Rosenberg
  • Michael Savas
  • Mary Thelmeir
  • Herb Thompson
  • Alanna Ulen
  • Abby Vieira
  • Rick Wallace
  • Krista Weih
  • Brooke Wojdynski

Lifelong Learner Council

Young Alumni Council


  • Patrick Brown
  • Megan Casa de Calvo
  • Alyson Coleman
  • Hannah Crichton
  • Kristen Forti
  • Leigh Anne Gilbert
  • Abbey Hawthorne
  • Braden Herndon
  • Jevon Howell
  • Tucker Kelly
  • Laura Kutny
  • Lauren Lizewski
  • Lucy Lu
  • Bailey Maloney
  • Sylvia Nelson
  • Madeline Rencher
  • Gaby Santillanes-Weber
  • Jules Schwerin
  • Donovan Smalls
  • Andrew Speck
  • Josh Spungen

Chapter Representatives

  • Dana Anderson (Orlando & Tampa, FL)
  • Jennifer Auerbach (New York, NY)
  • Katy Bailey (San Francisco, CA)
  • Sue Camele (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Colleen Chapman (New York, NY)
  • Deborah Clifford (Central Virginia)
  • Whitney Degerberg (Washington, DC)
  • Abby DenUyl (Portland, OR)
  • Kristen DiReda (Washington, DC)
  • Brian Durham (Charleston, SC)
  • McKinley Durham (Charleston, SC)
  • Monica Fahnhorst (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Libby Firer (Austin, TX)
  • Woody Freese (Boston, MA)
  • Sarah Frese (Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL)
  • Autumn Hulke (Phoenix & Tempe, AZ)
  • Julie Hurst (Seattle, WA)
  • Julie Kiefer (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Kelly Kirchner (Orlando & Tampa, FL)
  • Caryn Klein (Atlanta, GA)
  • Jennifer Madalena (Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL)
  • Brittany Palmer (Austin, TX)
  • Natalia Peddycoart (San Diego, CA)
  • Michele Pino (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kandis Pogoda (Orange County, CA)
  • Eshley Spitzer (Chicago, IL)
  • Julie Tahapary (San Diego, CA)
  • Hailey Terrell (Boulder, CO)
  • Kayla Thompson (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Meredith Tuntland (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Angel Wilkes (San Francisco, CA)
  • Philip Zhou (New York, NY)
  • Cindy Zomchek (Colorado Springs & Denver, CO)

Find Your ISE Regional Director

Learn who your regional director is and find their contact information HERE.

Alumni Chapters

There are 24 SAS Alumni Chapters located across the United States. These chapters provide networking opportunities for alumni in their own communities and also serve the specific needs of Semester at Sea in areas in which volunteers are needed.

Check out this infographic!

Throughout the year, the chapters host “Bon Voyage/Welcome Home” events to welcome home past voyagers and send off new voyagers. This is a great opportunity to meet other local alumni, reminisce with your shipmates, and help prepare the new voyagers and their families for the journey of their lifetime. You are an invaluable resource to those preparing to sail, no matter when you sailed! In addition, Chapters host social events and Founders Day events.

IMPORTANT: We develop our chapter lists based on the zip code of the address(es) we have on file for you. If you feel you’ve received messages in error or none at all, we may not have your current address. Please update your contact information through our website or by emailing us at


List of Chapter Representatives



Autumn Hulke (Fall 1999)


Los Angeles

Michele Pino (Fall 2007)

Orange County

Kandis Pogoda (Maymester 2011, Summer 2011)

San Diego

Natalia Peddycoart (Fall 2013), Julie Tahapary (Spring 1994, Summer 2005)


San Francisco Bay Area

Angel Wilkes (Fall 2002, Spring 2015), Katy Bailey (Summer 2012)

Santa Barbara

TBD – If you are interested in becoming the chapter representative for this city, please email



Hailey Terrell (Fall 1999)

Denver & Colorado Springs

Cindy Zomchek (Fall 1986, Fall 1993, Spring 2000, Spring 2004, Summer 2005, Fall 2008, Spring 2010, Spring 2015)


Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Sarah Frese (Summer 2011), Jennifer Madadena (Spring 1999)

Orlando & Tampa

Dana Anderson (Spring 1993), Kelly Kirchner (Spring 2017)



Caryn Klein (Spring 2012)



Eshley Spitzer (Spring 2012)



Julie Kiefer (Fall 1999, Summer 2004, Summer 2005)



Monica Fahnhorst (Spring 2006), Meredith Tuntland (Fall 1998)

New England


Woody Freese (Fall 1989, Spring 1997, Summer 2004)

New York

New York Area (NY, CT, NJ)

Jennifer Auerbach (Fall 2012), Colleen Chapman (Spring 2013), Philip Zhou (Fall 2012)

North Carolina


TBD – If you are interested in becoming the chapter representative for this city, please email



Abby DenUyl (Fall 2000)



Kayla Thompson (Fall 2009)


Sue Camele (Fall 1990, Maymester 2012)

South Carolina


Brian Durham (Fall 2005), McKinley Durham (Fall 2005)



Libby Firer (Summer 2014),  Brittany Palmer (Summer 2010)


TBD – If you are interested in becoming the chapter representative for this city, please email


Central Virginia

Debbie Clifford (Spring 1993, Spring 1995, Fall 2006, Spring 2011, Summer 2004)

Washington, D.C., Maryland

Kristen DiReda (Spring 2013), Whitney Degerberg (Spring 2010)



Julie Hurst (Spring 2004, Summer 2014)


Ways to Share SAS

Alicia Lerner from the University of Michigan getting to know a giant tortoise at Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes in Mauritius, during the Maritius Ecosystem Field Program. March 9, 2016. (© Semester At Sea 2016)

Tell Your Story Online

Online social networks are a great way to share your SAS experience and spread the word about the program. We encourage you to engage with SAS networks in the following ways:

On Facebook

  • Become a fan of the Semester at Sea Facebook page
  • Like, Comment and Share SAS Facebook wall posts
  • Tell your friends and family about your Semester at Sea experience through your Facebook page

On Twitter

Email & Blogs

  • Put SAS in your email signature, such as “I sailed around the world with Semester at Sea – ask me how!”
  • Link to SAS content from your blog
  • Contribute to Study Abroad Ratings & Review Sites
  • Share your comments, ratings, and reviews about your Semester at Sea experience for others to see

Be an Advocate for Semester at Sea

  • Research shows that alumni are the best recruiters and spokespeople for Semester at Sea!
  • Tell prospective students and faculty members about your SAS experience and encourage them to apply for an upcoming voyage
  • Invite your family and neighbors to sail as Lifelong Learners
  • Tell your story at group meetings or events
  • Speak to student groups on campus and encourage prospective students to apply
  • Speak at your place of worship or at organizations such as Rotary, Lions Club, Junior League, etc. and encourage prospective Lifelong Learners to sail

To refer a friend, fill out the Alumni Referral Form.

Prominent SAS Alumni & Lecturers

Renowned world figures, leaders, and Nobel Laureates have been a part of many Semester at Sea voyages. See below for a list of prominent alumni and lecturers.


Global Business and Social Leaders

  • Tory Burch (Spring 1987); Fashion Designer
  • Po Chung (Fall 1963); Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of DHL International (Hong Kong)
  • Jane Lauder (Fall 1993); Global President and General Manager of the Origins and Ojon Brands
  • Antony Leung (Fall 1971); Chairman of Blackstone Group’s Greater China Corporate Office
  • Bob McKnight (Fall 1973); Founder and CEO of Quiksilver
  • Ann S. Moore (Spring 1970); Former Chairman and CEO of Time, Inc.
  • Sean O’Sullivan (Spring 1998); Global Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
  • Scott Seamans (Fall 1978); Co-Founder of Crocs shoes
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Spring 2007); Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Social Entrepreneurs

  • Adam Braun (Spring 2005); Founder and Executive Director of Pencils of Promise
  • Andrew Briggs (Spring 2002); Founder and President of Freedom in Creation
  • Howard G. Buffett (Spring 1975); President of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation
  • Daniel Epstein (Spring 2007); Founder of the Unreasonable Institute
  • Jessica Jackley (Spring 1999); Co-Founder and Board Member of Kiva
  • Daniela Papi (Fall 1998); Co-Founder and Board Member of PEPY

Entertainers & Athletes

  • Gary Foster (Spring 1982); Film and Television Producer (e.g. Sleepless in Seattle, The Soloist, Community)
  • Stephen Gaghan (Fall 1986); Academy Award-winning Screenwriter (e.g. Traffic, Syriana)
  • Joan Lunden (Fall 1967); Journalist, Author, and former host of Good Morning America
  • Cynthia Nixon (Spring 1986); Emmy, Tony, and Grammy Award-winning Actress best known for her
  • portrayal of Miranda Hobbes on Sex in the City
  • Neal Moritz (Fall 1981); Film Producer (e.g. Fast and the Furious series, I Am Legend, 21 Jump Street)
  • Jonathan Murray (Spring 1999); Emmy Award-winning Television Producer (e.g. Real World, Project Runway)
  • Aubrey O’Day (Fall 2003); Singer and Actress, former member of Danity Kane
  • Kathy Reichs (Fall 1987); New York Times Bestselling Author of the Temperance Brennan (Bones) novels
  • Kerri Strug (Fall 2000); Olympic Gold Medalist


  • Fidel Castro (Cuban President)
  • Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President)
  • Indira Gandhi (Indian Prime Minister)
  • Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR President)
  • Corazon Aquino (President of the Philippines)
  • SHRM King Mohamed VI (King of Morocco)
  • HRH Moulay Rachid (Prince of Morocco)
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Laureate)
  • Mother Teresa (Nobel Laureate)
  • Nelson Mandela (First President of South Africa, Nobel Laureate)
  • Arthur C. Clark (Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • Pete Peterson (First U.S. Ambassador to Viet Nam)
  • C.H. Tung (first Chief Executive of Hong Kong after end of British colonial rule)

Global Ambassadors Program


A dedicated program for student outreach efforts.

Global Ambassadors are outstanding and articulate SAS student alumni who possess a strong desire to spread the mission, vision, and value of Semester at Sea on their college or university campus. Through innovation and creativity, each ambassador keeps their story of SAS alive and invites others to embark on their own voyage of discovery with SAS.

Becoming a Global Ambassador

All student alumni who meet the following criteria may apply to become Global Ambassadors.

  1. Remain in good standing with Semester at Sea (academically and conduct)
  2. Have at least 2 academic terms remaining at your college/university
  3. Demonstrate a willingness to coordinate SAS promotion on your campus
  4. Be able to work as part of a virtual supportive network, taking initiative and have an ability to work well with autonomy

To inquire about becoming a Global Ambassador, email

About Global Ambassadors

A Global Ambassador is an active voluntary member of the SAS alumni community. As such, an ambassador is a storyteller–combining the mission and key messages of SAS with personal experiences–allowing the most relevant perspectives about the program to be told. Promoting the program and telling your story can take many forms. Here are a few examples:

Share your story out loud: This can be accomplished through classroom presentations, an information table while engaging those who visit, information sessions, coffee house talks, presenting to a club, organization, student group, etc.

Share your story through art and media: write an article for the campus paper, create and share a blog, get interviewed for campus radio, TV, newspaper, or website, create a scrapbook to show at info sessions and tables, do a souvenir based talk, enter in a study abroad photo contest, etc.

Engage in social media: SAS is on multiple social media sites. There are many different Facebook groups to contribute to as well as Twitter posts and YouTube videos. Spend a couple of hours answering questions of those showing interest for the program through these sites, or post your own comments, stories and photographs.

Share your story one-on-one: Some of the most natural and effective promotion happens while talking to someone one-on-one about SAS and making a personal connection. Another way to do this type of promotion is by mentoring someone who will be going through a similar voyage application and financial aid/credit transfer process as you did.

Program Benefits

As a Global Ambassador, you will be part of a program structured intentionally to be mutually beneficial. Some benefits include:

  • Stay actively involved in the Semester at Sea community
  • Be able to share voyage experiences in a meaningful way
  • Gain skills and experience in public speaking, event planning, outreach, writing, marketing, and communications
  • Receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of your term

Expectations of Global Ambassadors

The basic requirement is 2-3 events or projects per semester/academic term. The 2-3 events/projects is contingent upon the size and time investment required. Global Ambassadors are also required to communicate regularly with various SAS staff members, including the Global Ambassador Program Coordinator.

SAS Online Store

Operated by the Colorado State University bookstore, the SAS Online Store features a variety of items, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, accessories, and much more. Click here to visit the store for gear and gifts!