Fall 2020 Voyage Prep

FA20 Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements 101
Fall 2020 Voyage

Your passport must be valid until June 22,2021 which is six months after the voyage end date.



PassportsObtaining Your Passport

You can find information regarding first time passport applications here or through our visa partner Travisa – CIBT here. Please note that this process can take up to six weeks and should be started immediately upon placing your voyage deposit. Using Travisa – CIBT for your passport application/renewal will expedite the process considerably. If your passport is expired or due to expire, or you lack adequate blank pages (see below), you will need to renew your passport immediately and can use the same link(s) as above.

Those voyagers that are applying for a first time passport or who need a passport renewal are encouraged to check the box for a “Large Book (Non-Standard)” in order to obtain a larger, 52 page passport. It is at the discretion of the U.S. State Department to issue large passports, and SAS cannot guarantee that a request for one will be granted. We do, however, recommend trying for a larger passport because we know that our alumni continue to travel the world after their voyage

Blank Visa Page Requirements

All participants will be required to obtain visas in order to sail on a Semester at Sea voyage. Visa instructions and requirements are released approximately 4 months prior to embarkation. Each voyager is responsible for their own remaining, blank visa pages in their passport, such that these entry requirements will be met in each sequential port of call. Semester at Sea cannot predict or be held responsible for how local immigration officials will stamp each individual passport. Please see below to determine if you have sufficient blank visa pages for your voyage or if you will need to renew your passport. NOTE: The standard United States passport has only 17 pages for visas – this means that you must have an almost entirely blank passport for your voyage (only two pages can be previously used).


Fall 2020 Blank Visa Page Requirement

Total Blank Pages Required15 Fully Blank Pages


U.S. Passport*

Germany1 Page
Morocco1 Page
Ghana2 Consecutive Pages
South Africa2 Consecutive Adjacent Pages
Mauritius1 Page
India2 Pages
Malaysia1 Page
Vietnam2 Pages
South Korea1 Page


*Non-U.S. passport holders will need to budget an extra blank visa page within their passport for each additional visa that is required for their nationality.

**Passport pages reserved for Amendments and Endorsements cannot be used for visas.

***This blank visa page count will increase if a voyage participant intends to register for Field Programs which take them outside the country of port. Each voyage participant is responsible for including for these blank visa pages in their overall count. Voyage participants are not permitted to travel outside of the port country independently.

Passport pages reserved for Amendments and Endorsements cannot be used for visas.

On the left is an example of a blank visa page – count these to come up with your overall blank pages count. On the right is an example of an Endorsement page – these pages cannot be used for visas and should not be counted when determining how many blank visa pages are in your passport.

Passport Numbers for Field Programs

The passport number you enter into the MyVoyage portal is the number used to book all Field Programs and create all visa documents. This number must match the passport the participant will use during travel. Participants must promptly update this number if obtaining a new passport. Using incorrect passport information could result in the participant having to pay change fees or could result in the ability to board flights/ trains, etc. and inability to participate in the program. The Field Office is not responsible for inaccurate reservations as a result of passport information that is incorrectly entered into MyVoyage. The participant is responsible for any fees or cancellation penalties administered as a result of incorrect or outdated information.


All voyagers will require visas in order to sail. These requirements are specific to your nationality. Visa applications cannot be lodged until your passport is obtained. Visa documents are generated based on the passport information which is entered into your MyVoyage Portal. If you renew your passport, you must promptly update this information in MyVoyage. Further visa information and instructions will be released in early May 2020. Please do not apply for visas prior to this date.

If you have any questions about passport requirements, please contact programadministration@isevoyages.org.