General Information for all Voyages

MyVoyage Portal

MyVoyage is the voyage preparation portal for confirmed participants. The portal is a way for you to receive information and to verify what we’ve already received as you prepare for your voyage. Check your MyVoyage page often – most aspects of your planning and preparation will be available through this portal.


You will use your MyVoyage page for the following:

  • Review preparation steps
  • Download documents and forms
  • Upload documents and information needed to sail
  • Sign up for In-Country Field Programs
  • View your ISE financial aid awards
  • Update your personal information

Special Accommodations Acknowledgement

ISE seeks to provide a welcoming and inclusive shipboard environment for all participants regardless of sex, gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability status, veteran status, or religious identity. We also understand that some participants may need additional accommodations (in regards to cabin placement, in order to be successful throughout the voyage. These accommodations may include but are not limited to students who identify as transgender, students with physical disabilities or limited mobility, students needing religious accommodations for the academic schedule, or students needing additional mental health support.

If you identify with any of the special circumstances listed or you need any other special accommodations, please log in to MyVoyage and agree to the Special Accommodations Acknowledgement. You may also directly contact Laura Roth, Director of Student Life, at Laura will be in touch with you to discuss our ability to accommodate your requests for your upcoming voyage.

Fuel Surcharge

From time to time fuel costs for our ship the World Odyssey may spike in price for any number of reasons beyond Semester at Sea’s control.  We make every reasonable effort to control fuel pricing, including efficient itinerary management and annual port bunker planning.  However, Semester at Sea may regrettably be required to assess an additional fuel surcharge to all revenue-paying passengers, to defray excess costs when such spikes appear imminent for an upcoming Semester Voyage.

But to assist in long-term planning, and beginning with the Fall 2019 Voyage, Semester at Sea will identify and bill a “Fuel Fee,” which shall be Semester at Sea’s best estimate for voyage fuel costs.

And then, no later than 30 days in advance of each Semester Voyage, Semester at Sea will assess the near-term pricing outlook for the two types of maritime fuel required by the International Maritime Organization beginning on January 1, 2020 for our Vessel: VLSO (“very-low sulphur”)and MGO (“marine gas-oil”), or any substitute such as ULSD (“ultra-low sulfur diesel”).  If the blended/weighted pricing of these two types is still expected to exceed $381 per metric ton for the upcoming Semester Voyage, then a fuel surcharge may be properly noticed (net of the pre-billed “fuel fee” previously invoiced and collected) to all participants on a pro-rata basis to defray these expected excess costs.  We base our pricing outlooks primarily on the Rotterdam and Singapore markets for VLSO and MGO (and other substitute fuels such as ULSD) maritime fuels, which are the markets most closely resembling the majority of our fuel acquisition needs.