The Lifelong Learner Experience

Lifelong Learner

Lifelong learners come from a variety of backgrounds and include retirees, professionals on leave, or simply adventurous travelers. They participate in undergraduate courses, attend field excursions, serve as mentors to undergraduates, present seminars in their respective areas of expertise, and add a valuable generational perspective to classroom discussions.

The Shipboard Community

Semester at Sea’s Lifelong Learning program provides adults an opportunity to join a multigenerational shipboard community made up of undergraduate students representing over 250 colleges and universities, exceptional faculty and staff, and international guests and speakers from around the world.

When the ship is at sea, lifelong learners may take specified classes, participate in community events, and attend an afternoon program dedicated specifically for them. Evening programming includes logistical pre-port briefings to prepare passengers for the next port of call.

A typical port stay is 4-5 days and there is a wide variety of in-country programs that lifelong learners may select to enhance their in-port visit.

"I’m just thankful that I’ve lived long enough to, climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa—marvel at the Taj Mahal in India—climb the Great Wall of China—almost slide down the inside of the Great Pyramid in Egypt—watch the penguins in Antarctic and swing on a vine in the Amazon with a group of Semester at Sea students…I will travel and marvel at beautiful places and people around the world, look for new friends, send cards to my family and five great grandchildren, hoping it will instill in them the desire to meet and mingle with the rest of the world."

-Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper, Semester at Sea, Fall 2000, Fall 2004, Spring 2007

Why Semester at Sea?

  • Opportunity to travel to multiple countries in 100 days in an educational environment aboard a beautiful ship
  • Learn and grow with an exceptional academic study abroad program
  • Partake in outstanding in-country programs that highlight the cultural aspects of a country
  • Travel, live, and learn in a community with like-minded people who are interested in exploring the world
  • Be part of an Extended Family, your very own shipboard “family” with undergraduate students
  • Participate in Semester at Sea traditions like the Sea Olympics, Alumni Ball, and Talent Show
  • Mentor students, share your own stories, and make learning a lifelong priority
  • Explore landmarks and cultural icons, interact with locals, and immerse yourself in cultures and places you have dreamed of visiting
  • Make the world your campus and our ship your home for 100 days