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A Unique Form of Global Education

Our Program
At a time when global education has been recognized as a requirement of a high-quality undergraduate collegiate experience, the Semester at Sea study abroad experience could not be more relevant.

A Global Comparative Education

By introducing students to many different cultures through coursework and intensive in-country experiences, Semester at Sea equips students with skills and perspectives essential to cultivating global citizenship. Semester at Sea has served as a pioneer and leader in multiple country, comparative education for more than 50 years.

Multiple Country Study Abroad

Semester at Sea itineraries are carefully selected to maximize the value of a comparative global education. With multiple and varying destinations on every itinerary, students connect the world’s peoples, patterns, cultures and traditions with their own.

  • 12-15 Countries
  • Off the beaten path destinations
  • Varying cultures & economies
  • Hands-on & experiential learning opportunities

A Shipboard Campus

A ship offers the ultimate platform for global education because it provides a place for a traditional college experience, a tightly knit community of learning, and maximizes the time in country.

  • Coursework related to the itineraries
  • Cumulative and Interdisciplinary learning opportunities
  • Access to international experts
  • Engaged community of reflection and growth
For more than 50 years, Semester at Sea has been a pioneer and leader in global, comparative education—a form of international education more needed today than ever before.

Cultivating Global Citizens

Semester at Sea is truly a global community, where students’ understanding of the world is expanded into new directions and perspectives.

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