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Voyage Label: Fall 2013

  • Women in Literature: Contemporary Women’s Voices of the Atlantic Rim

    Twenty-first century women write to define their identities, to participate in enduring debates, and to evolve from the past and speculate about the future. They write to explore the world, […]

  • Sarah Sloane

    Sarah Jane Sloane is a Professor of English and the Director of the MA in Creative Nonfiction at Colorado State University. Professor Sloane writes, studies, and teaches nonfiction narratives, particularly […]

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    People around the globe confront a host of contentious problems whose substance is often further complicated by cross-cultural misunderstandings and the lack of a single shared language. Some of these […]

  • The Foreign Policy of the United States

    As Semester at Sea students and faculty explore foreign countries and interact with foreign peoples, the question frequently arises: “so, how have we been affecting them?” This course examines one […]

  • International Law: Principles and Politics

    This course introduces students to the role that international law plays within the larger realm of international relations. Where is law important, where is it less important, and why? The […]

  • Theories of International Relations

    This course introduces students to the central concepts and theories in international relations through a world order perspective.  We will examine the central sources of disorder on the international stage […]

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (field lab in St. Petersburg, day 1)

    This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and theories employed in the comparative study of politics and regimes. We will identify, compare, and analyze the core cultures, the […]

  • Diasporas: Migration in World History

    People have been moving across the globe since the beginning of history: Jews, Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, Muslims, and Chinese among others. This course will consider the extensive influence and effects […]

  • The West and the Rest (field lab in St. Petersburg)

    This course considers the development of the West since the 15th Century C.E and its subsequent interaction with the cultures of Asia, Africa and the Americas. In particular, we will […]

  • Acting Techniques in Interviews

    This course will share interview skills used by professional actors as they apply to non-performing pursuits and careers.   Actors have developed and honed countless skills, strategies, and techniques in auditioning […]

  • Acting 1

    This course is designed to provide an introduction to the craft of acting, both as a participant and as an observer.  The lectures and exercises given the student are intended […]

  • World Theatre

    This course explores the dramatic literature, theatre practices, and performance theories indigenous to the countries visited by Semester at Sea.  As playwrights pen works about the world and culture they […]

  • Sociology of the Family

    This course examines what the family is, what it has been, and what it is becoming in a global context. The family is usually a group of people who have […]

  • Race and Ethnic Relations

    In this course we will examine historical and contemporary factors that structure ethnic inequalities, intergroup relations, and conceptions of race and ethnicity.  In so doing, we will review major theoretical […]

  • Gender and Society

    This course examines gender as a social construction and analyzes how gender is socially created and enforced. Gender stereotypes and inequalities are embedded in social relationships, social institutions, social structure […]

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