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Voyage Label: Fall 2015

  • Strategic Cost Management

    Strategic Cost Management is an upper level business course, but its general management approach makes it accessible to students from many other disciplines. This integrative course will consider how different […]

  • Literature of the Sea

    Writers have long found the sea and the modes of human interaction with it a cause for wonder and reflection. A mirror of the soul, for some, but for others […]

  • Literature of the Atlantic Rim

    Oceans separate the cultures that line their shores, but they also connect those regions physically, culturally, economically, and biotically. For millennia Europeans experienced the Atlantic Ocean as a mysterious and […]

  • Literature of Travel

    From ancient Greece to the present, stories of crossing the water depict the travels and travails of mariners exploring new regions and finding their way home. Since Homer, such narratives […]

  • Fiction Writing

    Storytelling, also known as narrative fiction, is a primary means of human expression. This course offers an introduction to the writing and reading of narrative fiction, from short stories to […]

  • Gender and Sexuality in World Literature

    This course offers an introduction to the ways in which literature reflects, influences, creates, and reveals cultural beliefs about gender and sexuality. We will read a wide range of novels, […]

  • Growing Up Global: Children’s Literature from Around the World

    When you were a child, did your parents read you Goodnight Moon? Captain Underpants? Or was it Struwwelpeter? Or Le Petit Prince or the Cholito series? Tales from the Pachatantra? […]

  • Philosophy of Poverty

    This course in the Philosophy of Poverty will explore some of the deeper issues raised by the tragedy of global poverty.  In the past, the subject of poverty has been […]

  • Philosophy of Religion

    The purpose of this class is to consider central philosophical questions arising from the nature of religious belief.  We will explore such matters as the nature and existence of God, […]

  • History of United States Immigration Law

    This course will study the history of voluntary and involuntary migration to the United States, with an emphasis on the legal response regulating the influx of immigrants, including, among others, […]

  • Fundamentals of Epidemiology

    This course provides a general introduction to epidemiology methods and topics related to health care and public health.  The course focuses on the distribution and determinants of health-related states or […]

  • Nutrition Around the World

    Study of the science of human nutrition provides a relevant and fascinating way to familiarize students with fundamental biological and public health principles related to nutrition that will be useful […]

  • Introduction to Public Health

    This course is an introduction to the population health approach to public health.  It is designed to expose students to a foundational knowledge of U.S. & global public health, and […]

  • Biomedical Ethics in Global Perspective

    This is a course in biomedical ethics that will be equally accessible to students of all disciplines.  Through reading, directed observation, discussion, and writing, it will introduce students to some […]

  • International Law: Principles and Politics

    This course introduces students to the role that international law plays within the larger realm of international relations. Where is law important, where is it less important, and why? The […]

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