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Voyage Label: Fall 2015

  • Global Business Ethics

    This is a course in practical ethics that will be equally accessible to business students and students of other disciplines. We will pay special attention to the many individual actions […]

  • Earth’s Weather and Climate

    Will it rain tomorrow? Will the seas get much rougher? What is the evidence for climate change? How do the polar seas effect climate at the equator? Why are we […]

  • Introduction to Oceanography

    This class is your invitation to learn about 70% of the earth’s surface and how many of the great issues humans face depend on the seas. We will focus initially […]

  • Introduction to Environmental Science

    This course explores the interaction between humans and our dynamic planet, both the ways in which geological processes affect us and the ways in which our actions affect the physical […]

  • The West and the Rest

    Historians, geographers and social scientists have all grappled with the question of why human development advanced at such different rates on different continents for the last 13,000 years. This course […]

  • The Atlantic Diasporas

    Atlantic World history, which began with the age of sail, is a story of explorations, encounters and migrations; conquest, resistance, subjugation, and revolution; the destruction of indigenous societies and the […]

  • Comparative World Diplomacy

    Henry Kissinger once described diplomacy as the art of restraining power. A country’s diplomacy is certainly guided by its self-interest, but it also reflects how individual nations want to be […]

  • Introduction to Anthropology (Section 1)

    This course introduces students to the topics and themes of contemporary anthropology. We explore such areas as religion, gender, politics, media, and family in different societies in order to develop […]

  • Language, Culture, and Intercultural Communication

    This class examines the social geography of language and accent around the globe, taking up topics such as the existence of unjustified prejudice against stigmatized dialects, the differences between male […]

  • Global Music (Section 1)

    The study of global music is never a benign act; no matter how we attempt to be objective, when we are studying the music of any culture we are always […]

  • Global Music (Section 2)

    The study of global music is never a benign act; no matter how we attempt to be objective, when we are studying the music of any culture we are always […]

  • Popular Musics

    Popular music is the product of an industry that generates cultural artefacts in the pursuit of profit. This industry has been dominated by predominantly western companies since its inception, shaped […]

  • Evolutionary Psychology (Section 1)

    This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of the key facts and theories about human psychological evolution.  The comparative approach will be employed to identify what psychological traits are […]

  • Marine Biology (Section 1)

    This course provides a general introduction to the diversity of life in the world’s marine habitats.  The oceans and seas cover 70% of the surface of the earth and are […]

  • International Marketing (Section 3)

    The International Marketing course examines a firm’s approach to marketing decisions as influenced by the global environment. We discuss theories and frameworks that can guide a firm conducting international marketing, […]

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