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Voyage Label: Fall 2016

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship [CRN 77185]

    Description Entrepreneurism is the practice of building new forms of value creation, either within an existing organization or creating a new venture.  This course first surveys the role of entrepreneurship […]

  • Issues in Hispanic Culture: Transatlantic Studies of the Hispanic World [CRN 77179]

    Why do Spanish speakers across the world invoke Allah when making a wish? Why do Cubans pray to Yoruba ocean goddess Yemoja? Why do Quechua in the Andean region celebrate […]

  • Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture in Translation: Latin American Outlaws: Pirates, Maroons, Bandits, Guerrilleros, and Narcos [CRN 77173]

    Outlaws and rebels are ingrained in popular imagery about Latin America but rarely do we gain a deeper understanding of their political and cultural meaning. From colonial outlaws such as pirates […]

  • First Year Spanish Review [CRN 77167]

    LSPA 106 is a student-centered, activities-driven class that employs an immersion approach to help students use Spanish to express themselves in realistic contexts and for real purposes. By the end […]

  • Writing about Health, Science, and the Environment [CRN 77132 Course] [CRN 77138 Lab]

    In this course, students will master concepts related to writing about science, health and the environment from a journalistic lens. Scientific journalists must effectively write about complex scientific information for […]

  • Multiculturalism and the Media [CRN 77174]

    The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the complex relationship between mediated communication and culture. It explores relevant theories, case studies and individual experiences to […]

  • Food: A Global Environmental History [CRN 77196]

    COURSE DESCRIPTION  The history of food offers an excellent subject for revealing the global interconnectedness of environmental history.  After a short introduction to the field of food history, the course […]

  • Perspectives in Gerontology [CRN 77148]

    This course will introduce the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging grounded in aging theory and research. A global perspective on aging will be provided with a special […]

  • Introduction to Geography [CRN 77145]

    In this course students will be introduced to how geography straddles natural and social sciences in understanding people’s reciprocal relations to their environments. The aim of the course is to […]

  • Labor Economics [CRN 77142]

    Labor economics uses market theory and analysis to explain differences in wages, employment and labor institutions such as unions, professions, and households. Modern economics also provides critical tools to assess […]

  • Comparative Economic Systems [CRN 77133]

    The comparative analysis of economic and political systems begins with a study of the rise of capitalist, socialist and communist economies and proceeds from there to examine key institutions within […]

  • Ecological Engineering [CRN 77137]

    Description Ecological engineering adds ecosystem science principles to the traditional physical and mechanical foundation of engineering.  Ecological engineering focuses on the design of sustainable ecosystems that integrate human society with […]

  • Chemistry in Context [CRN 77131]

    Description This course is for non-science majors needing only one semester of chemistry. CHEM 103 is not a course about chemistry, but rather an introduction to important chemistry concepts or […]

  • International Political Economy [CRN 77150]

    International Political Economy [IPE] focuses on the roles of international trade and its regulation, international financial systems, global mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property, international protection of workers’ rights […]

  • Ethics in Contemporary Organizations [CRN 77129]

    Description Business ethics is the study of decision maker choices of behavior in ethical dilemmas, or situations where primary stakeholders have differing preferences for the decision maker’s choices. Through the […]

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