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Voyage Label: Fall 2013

  • World Geography (field lab in Le Havre)

    World Geography is a survey course designed to acquaint undergraduate students with a variety of geographic, historic, environmental, demographic, religious and economic characteristics of various areas of the world. The objectives […]

  • The West and the Rest (field lab in Takoradi)

    This course considers the development of the West since the 15th Century C.E and its subsequent interaction with the cultures of Asia, Africa and the Americas. In particular, we will […]

  • Global Business Ethics (field lab in Cape Town)

    This Global Comparative Lens course on business ethics and social responsibility will be taught from a multi-disciplinary, as well as a multi-cultural perspective. Topics to be covered will include ethical […]

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (field lab in St. Petersburg, day 1)

    This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and theories employed in the comparative study of politics and regimes. We will identify, compare, and analyze the core cultures, the […]

  • Global Music (field lab in Accra, day 2)

    This course presents an introduction to the study of the world’s music through close examination of various music traditions found in the port countries of our itinerary.  Our investigation will […]

  • Introduction to World Religions (field lab in Casablanca, day 4)

    This course is a survey of the major religious traditions in the world today. Emphasis in class will be on understanding the worldview and values of each tradition, as well […]

  • Cross Cultural Psychology (field lab in Rio de Janeiro, day 2)

    This course provides an overview of the field of cross-cultural psychology. It will review contemporary theoretical approaches to the study of culture and psychology, with a particular emphasis on evolutionary […]

  • Sacred Places

    This introductory course will focus on the major religious architecture and landscapes of the world, with a particular focus on sacred places-cities, buildings and gardens-that we will visit on our […]

  • World Cities

    Cities are enduring and remarkable human artifacts that have been shaped in response to climate, geography, culture, commerce, aesthetics and technology. In the present era, changing modes of communication, energy […]

  • Sustainable Communities

    This course investigates the emerging principles and triple bottom line of sustainable development-environmental quality, economic health, and social equity-as reflected in buildings, towns, and cities around the world. We will […]

  • Photography (Section 1)

    We will take the opportunity to use photography to not only document our travels, but to examine and deploy it as an art form and a lens to explore the […]

  • Travel Writing (section 3)

    In this course, we’ll approach travel writing in a number of different ways, first looking at the history of travel literature from Ancient Greece through the Grand Tour and beyond. […]

  • Photography (Section 2)

    We will take the opportunity to use photography to not only document our travels, but to examine and deploy it as an art form and a lens to explore the […]

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