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Student Photo Gallery: Ireland

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for a good reason: hardly anywhere that SAS Fall 2013 voyagers traveled to was missing rolling green hills. Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world. It is also a very welcoming country steeped in history and culture. The following photos represent just a small selection of the adventures and experiences SAS students had on the Emerald Isle.

The Cliffs of Moher in southwest Ireland have appeared in numerous movies, including: The Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price. SAS Outreach Coordinator Megan Schuck and SAS Assistant Field Office Coordinator Julie Sivertson visit the cliffs as storms loom overhead. Photo by SAS Videographer Clay Mason
Trinity College Library, in Dublin, is the largest library in Ireland and home to the Book of Kells. The famous manuscript was presented to Trinity College in 1661 and is one of the 5 million pieces in the library’s collection. Photo by Cody Rappaport from University of Oregon
The Cliffs of Moher (left) rise 390 feet above Hag’s Head on the Atlantic Ocean and receive nearly one million visitors per year. Photo by Amy Watkins from University of Central Oklahoma. At right, a sailboat sits at low tide. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky from University of North Dakota
The Irish countryside. Photo by Cody Varela from Pace University
The Guinness brewery at St. James Gate was originally leased to Arthur Guinness in 1759 for 9,000 years at £45 per year. Today, the brewery is a museum that offers a 360° panorama of Dublin. Photo by Jackie Robertson from Boston University
Modern Irish architecture showcase very colorful doors on some Dublin streets. Photo by Kacey Montana from Plymouth State University
The three-leaf clover has traditionally represented the Irish church and the Holy Trinity throughout much of Ireland's history. The less common four-leaf clover brings good fortune to its finder. Photo by Kaitlyn Squanda from Alma College
“Dangerous Cliffs No Admittance” Photo by Lauren DeLeo from Syracuse University
An evening in Wicklow, a town just south of Dublin. Photo by Ryan Tibbitts from University of Colorado Boulder
The Celtic cross is one of Ireland's three most famous symbols. A cemetery near the Cliffs of Moher bears a Celtic cross (right).  Photo by Ellen Sahli from Colorado State University  The Christ Church neighborhood in Dublin showcases a colorful red door on one of its homes. Photo by Laura Pastores from Westminster College
The Long Room at Trinity College contains the oldest and rarest books in the library's collection. Photo by Meredith Carey from Southern Methodist University
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