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Student Photo Gallery: Portugal and Spain

The Fall 2013 voyage just completed the first month of 115 days at sea by saying farewell to Europe with final stops in the beautiful and historic countries of Portugal and Spain. The Moorish influence was present throughout Lisbon (Portugal), Cadiz (Spain) and their nearby cities. From Andalusian bullfights to the wonders of Gibraltar and the beauty of Lisbon's Alfama neighborhood, SAS students explored the cultural highlights of these two countries, capturing their experiences along the way.

Some of the unforgettable sites that students explored in Portugal and Spain included Lisbon's famed Oceanarium (left) and the Royal Alc√°zar of Seville, Spain (right). Photos by Meredith Carey from Southern Methodist University and Ashley Lushinsky from University of North Dakota.
Alfama, Portugal is Lisbon's oldest district made famous for it's tight winding corridors and for having been one of the few neighborhoods to survive the devastating earthquake of 1755. Photo by Laura Pastores from Westminster College.
The picadors of the bullfight, in Seville, Spain, await the arrival of the bull. Many SAS students were fortunate to catch the last bullfight of the season during their time in Seville. Photo by Kaitlyn Squanda from Alma College.
Fishing boats in Cadiz, Spain after the morning out at sea (left). The view of the main cathedral in Cadiz peaks out among the city's buildings (right). Photos by Kaitlyn Squanda from Alma College and Laura Pastores from Westminster College.
The beach of Bolonia (near Cadiz, Spain) serves as the backdrop for the ancient Roman Ruins Baelo Claudia founded at the end of the 2nd Century BC. Photo by Meredith Carey from Southern Methodist University.
The boats of Lisbon lay in wait for the tide to come back in to take them back out to sea. Meanwhile, the streets of Lisbon bustle as evening sets in on the city. Photos by Ashley Lushinsky from University of North Dakota and Kacey Montana from Plymouth State University.
A street dance performer practices his craft on a rooftop in Lisbon's Alfama neighborhood. Photo by Trevor Fairbank from San Diego State University.
Hidden grapes near a small home in Portugal. (right) The moorish influence show prominently in Portugal's architecture. Photos by Monica Scroggin from Florida Golf Coast University and Trevor Fairbank from San Diego State University.
Street musician in the Alfama section of Lisbon. (right) “Ene? E!” Portugal speaks! Photos by Haley Sangster from Metropolitan State University of Denver and Amy Watkins from University of Central Oklahoma.
The tile museum and furniture restoration workshop in Lisbon, Portugal that students visited as part of a field lab for art class. Photos by Sarah Bond from Pennsylvania State University.
Statue in Seville, Spain near the city's main cathedral. Photo by Aylin Ozyigit from Pennsylvania State University.
A panoramic of the beach area of the Lisbon and the city's buildings that climb up the hill show the real beauty of the city, even with clouds overhead. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky from University of North Dakota.
An alley in the Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Brian McGuffog from New York University.
A gnarled tree provides a beautiful canopy in a park near the “thieves' market” in Lisbon. Photo by Alexander Khambir from American University in Bulgaria,
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