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  • China offers unique perspective on Coastal Ecology challenges

    Throughout the Fall 2018 Voyage of Semester at Sea, students have developed an understanding of the interconnectedness of global water systems. With Semester at Sea’s comparative study abroad program, students […]

  • Fall 2017 Voyagers set to explore China

    Voyagers aboard the MV World Odyssey celebrated Thanksgiving the best way possible—by arriving in Shanghai to start Fall 2017’s six-day stay in China. Shanghai, the tenth port of the Fall […]

  • Through the Lens: Spring 2017 Voyage in China

    The Spring 2017 Voyage arrived in Shanghai just in time for Chinese New Year. While ringing in the Year of the Rooster, students explored as much as they could, and […]

  • Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Field Lab

    As the MV World Odyssey docked in Shanghai, China, Professor Annapurna Pandey, prepared her class for a field lab experience they hopefully would never forget. Her Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective […]

  • China: Beyond The Skyscrapers

    Guilin is known as the pearl of China’s tourism industry, though Yangshuo, a town two hours outside of downtown Guilin, was in fact significantly more amusing. This was mainly because […]

  • Where In The World Is Ellie Geller?

    The “Vicarious Voyage” program is designed to connect Semester at Sea students with K-12 classrooms across the United States. I am corresponding with Mrs. Murphy’s and Mrs. Steingruebner’s 3rd grade […]

  • Shanghai: An Urban Palimpsest

    Palimpsest: A parchment on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible. As the MV Explorer pulled into the Port of […]

  • The Importance of the Mai Po Nature Reserve

    Standing on a path that bisects a commercial fish farm and the Mai Po Nature Reserve, the students in Gary Griggs’ Human Impacts on Coastal Environments class had a clear […]

  • The Spring 2012 Voyage Says Goodbye

    This semester’s 570 students disembarked this week in San Diego, heading out towards their futures with an international and interconnected outlook on life. The 108th voyage of Semester at Sea has officially come to an end after 105 days, 12 countries, and 25,000 nautical miles around the world.

  • Work of the World

    Travel isn’t sight-seeing. Travel is experiencing. The Spring 2012 itinerary brought students to dozens of cities on 4 different continents in order to see firsthand how life takes place around […]

  • Student Story: Modern China

    Eshley Spitzer, from Indiana Universiy – Bloomington, has been writing weekly columns about her Semester at Sea experience for her campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. Read her impression of […]

  • Student Photos: Spring 2012 China

    Ni Hao from China, home to 20% of the world’s population. The MV Explorer docked in both rapidly changing Shanghai and equally fast-paced Hong Kong, and students set off for […]

  • Traveling the World with the Portuguese Empire

    While walking around in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, art history students strolled into a perfect example of class material. The wavy black-and-white bricks that dominated the city center […]

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