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  • SAS Gives New Opportunity to Business Professor Who Has Visited Over 120 Countries

    For most Semester at Sea participants, the experience is marked by a series of firsts: first time out of the country, first trip to South America, even first time in […]

  • Live from the Union

    Each voyage, Semester at Sea invites guest lecturers to board the MV Explorer and provide their own intercultural perspective to a segment of the journey. The Spring 2012 voyage was […]

  • Looking Back

    By: Sam Faktorow, Communications Team Work-Study Student To say Semester at Sea has been easy would be a lie, an utter fabrication of the truth. The kinds of emotions I […]

  • Student Video: The World's Children

    Semester at Sea alumnus and founder of Pencils of Promise Adam Braun joined the Fall 2011 Semester at Sea voyage from Morocco to Ghana. He shared many stories and experiences with the shipboard community while he was there, and one in particular struck a chord with Rebecca Dickinson.

  • Experiencing Community Service in Three Countries

      By: Rebecca Dickinson, Communications Team Work Study Student Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Accra, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa. – These are cities where I have volunteered with Habitat for […]

  • A 180° Turn for the Better

    By: Catharine Coplin, Communications Team Work-Study Student Looking around the ship, I can’t help but notice the way the 180° we’ve traveled around the world parallels the 180° turn that […]

  • A Ghana Back Story

    By: Jerry White, Lifelong Learner and Faculty Family Member I write this share a few weeks after the reverberations of the drums and the experience have subsided somewhat.  The preparation […]

  • Bearing Witness: Slavery in Ghana

    Follow along with participants of the Fall 2011 Voyage as they visit a school and orphanage for the beautiful children of Ghana, as well as the slave castles and walk the very halls so many were unable to escape.

  • Home Away From Home

    By: Maria Rowe, Communications Team Work-Study Student Each Semester at Sea student is excited to explore his or her identity through travels to foreign places and cultures. Sunny, on the […]

  • Feeding the Hungry

    The visit to Ghana’s Parliament Chambers wrapped up early, so we headed to a restaurant to grab sodas and wait for our friends.  While it appeared empty, upstairs on the […]

  • Celebrating the Simple Things

    By: Samuel R. Faktorow, Communications Team Work-Study Student Fast asleep in dream land this morning, I hadn’t a care in the world. Sleeping in was the only thing on my […]

  • Seeking Our Own Stories

    “Tourists see, travelers seek.” With these words, Adam Braun, Semester at Sea alum and founder of Pencils of Promise, inspired a room full of students (of all ages) to remember […]

  • Our Newest Friend

    By: Becca Dickinson, Sam Faktorow, Alanah Rodriguez-Aleman, Maria Rowe Anyone walking the halls of the MV Explorer since we left Morocco would hear one name being called.  “George!” “Hi George!” […]

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