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  • Student Photo Gallery: India

    India. The land of tea and spices, natural beauty, and man-made splendor. Our students fanned out far and wide across the sub-continent to explore the hustle and bustle of Delhi, […]

  • Looking Through The Lens of Medical Tourism to See The Big Picture

    Medical tourism is an increasingly popular way to save money by having procedures performed in other countries where they are remarkably less expensive. In vitro fertilization (IVF) – the process […]

  • Breathing Deep In The Birthplace of Yoga

    While in India, a group of students spent two days at an Art of Living yoga retreat training their minds and bodies to be more present and in the moment. […]

  • The Spring 2012 Voyage Says Goodbye

    This semester’s 570 students disembarked this week in San Diego, heading out towards their futures with an international and interconnected outlook on life. The 108th voyage of Semester at Sea has officially come to an end after 105 days, 12 countries, and 25,000 nautical miles around the world.

  • Work of the World

    Travel isn’t sight-seeing. Travel is experiencing. The Spring 2012 itinerary brought students to dozens of cities on 4 different continents in order to see firsthand how life takes place around […]

  • Traveling the World with the Portuguese Empire

    While walking around in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, art history students strolled into a perfect example of class material. The wavy black-and-white bricks that dominated the city center […]

  • Senator Robb and Lynda Bird Johnson Shape SAS Visit to Viet Nam

    The MV Explorer sailed away from Ho Chi Minh City on the 29th of March, 39 years to the day after the American military withdrawal in 1973. Recent history was […]

  • A Week at "Home" in India

    Semester at Sea has built several connections around the world over the past 49 years, taking new students to trusted locations each semester. This year marks the 20th anniversary of […]

  • Student Photos – India

    Namaste from India. The MV Explorer docked along the southwest coast but students spread out across the country, photographing the people and places of Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Goa, Chennai, Delhi, […]

  • Religious Art and Architecture of India

    The southwestern state of Kerala has been an important eastern trade hub for centuries, long before the first European explorers arrived in 1500. The crossroad culture of Kochi has impacted […]

  • Playing Chess in Kochi

    According to board game history, chess originated in India during the 6th century. Fast-forward 1500 years and chess is still king of the board games, drawing students and professors alike […]

  • Culture, Cuisine, and the Anthropology of Food

    From The Last Supper to last night’s dinner, food has always played a fundamental role in a nation’s culture. Whether eating steamed tilapia off a green Brazilian banana leaf or […]

  • Service Learning at Gurukulam

    Semester at Sea builds its curriculum around cultural exchange and, in every port, students have the unique opportunity to interact with local communities on SAS trips. Already this spring, students […]

  • A Past Semester at Sea Visit to India Brings a Student Full Circle

    India has a way of drawing you back for a second visit. Or, in the case of Semester at Sea, seventy two visits. India appeared on the very first itinerary […]

  • Looking Back

    By: Sam Faktorow, Communications Team Work-Study Student To say Semester at Sea has been easy would be a lie, an utter fabrication of the truth. The kinds of emotions I […]

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