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  • Favorite Field Programs to Return to Fall 2015 Voyage

    The Fall 2015 voyage is quickly approaching, and it’s time for soon-to-be voyagers to start planning in-port activities. As of today, Semester at Sea has rolled out its Fall 2015 […]

  • Making a Global Impact

    With over fourteen different countries under their belts and a wealth of knowledge, students are constantly thinking about where to take their journey from here. Some have started to ponder new […]

  • Heritage Traveler: Connecting a 20 Year Gap

    When I arrived in Naples, Italy at noon on the sixteenth of October, I had no idea what a crazy two days were ahead of me. Twenty minutes after checking […]

  • A Passion for Food

    “Every day we eat pasta,” said Italian guide Elena Mari as nutrition students set out to learn about culture and cuisine in her home country. For many students Italian food […]

  • Field lab to Parco Regionale Della Maremma for SEMS 3500, Invasive Species.
  • Traveling to Find Unwritten Words

    Sometimes we feel like there are no words to describe an experience on Semester at Sea. In travel, we are bombarded with so many new experiences, new tastes and new […]

  • A Student Perspective: Pizza, Parents and the Pope

    Though I’m a junior in college and am used to living away from my family, flying to London and leaving my parents behind in Iowa was one of the biggest […]

  • The Summer 2011 SAS Voyage Ends, But The Journey Continues!

    Written by: Jordan Edelheit (Student) As the end of this voyage approaches I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the wonderful 2011 Semester at Sea […]

  • Video: Supply and Demand for Education

    Economics students aboard the MV Explorer take what they learn from classroom discussions about supply and demand, as well as international marketing and trade, out to a real world business to get a feel for how the principles are applied.

  • Slideshow: Herculaneum and Vesuvius

    Students on the Summer 2011 voyage of Semester at Sea explored Herculaneum and Vesuvius. The destination was chosen in part to raise awareness of the work still to be done to preserve the ruins of Herculaneum.

  • Pompeii-Students Use Their Imaginations

    Written by: Julia Hansen (Faculty) A small theatre used for music concerts. Wood-fired ovens. Public fountains. Frescoes of fresh bread, and erotic frescoes. Pedestrian crosswalks. Atriums. A sauna. The grooves […]

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