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  • Understanding Traditional Religions in Post-Modern Japan

    Kyoto: a picturesque city approximately an hour and a half away from the port of Kobe and home to 1,600 Buddhist and Shinto temples. There was no better location to […]

  • Global Studies prepares students for Japan

    Twelve days at sea between Hawaii and Japan have given Global Studies director Alex Nalbach a lot of time to prepare students for culture shock in Kobe. Semester at Sea’s […]

  • Origami and Temples in Kyoto

    For Fall 2017 voyagers, traditions were brought to life during the “Origami and Temples in Kyoto” field program. They got in touch with their spiritual side visiting multiple temples, including […]

  • Voyagers visit Hiroshima Peace Park

    In between visits to ancient castles, Shinto temples, and sushi restaurants, Fall 2017 Voyagers taking part in the Hiroshima & Himeji overnight field program paused at the Hiroshima Peace Park […]

  • Photography Field Class Captures Shanghai

    As past Semester at Sea Voyagers and other visitors to Shanghai know, the city is home to one of the most visually stunning skylines in the entire world—especially when viewed […]

  • Kobe is Calling Fall Voyagers

    Well, that was fast. Just two days after leaving Shanghai, the MV World Odyssey arrived in Japan at 0730 on December 2 to begin Fall 2017 Voyagers’ five-day stay in […]

  • Lindsay Laronde, Queens University

    Spring 2017 Voyage Arrives in Japan

    Konichiwa from Kobe, the sixth largest city in Japan and the capital city of the Hyōgo Prefecture. We arrived at 0800 on Tuesday, Jan. 24. The climate is relatively moderate […]

  • Discovering Eastern Religious Practices at Kamakura

    And whoso will, from Pride released Contemning neither creed nor priest, May feel the Soul of all the East About him at Kamakura. -Rudyard Kipling, Buddha at Kamakura (1892) Students […]

  • Where In The World Is Ellie Geller?

    The “Vicarious Voyage” program is designed to connect Semester at Sea students with K-12 classrooms across the United States. I am corresponding with Mrs. Murphy’s and Mrs. Steingruebner’s 3rd grade […]

  • A Silent Lesson From The Japanese

    As a visitor in Japan, I learned most of the hidden protocols of Japanese traditional society in their public transportation system. Coming from a loud Latin American culture, my friends […]

  • Kobe Beef: A Case Study in Consumer Behavior

    What gives Kobe beef its unique flavor? It’s said that the cattle are fattened up with beer and given daily massages to keep their meat tender. Students on the Spring […]

  • Reuniting Pen Pals In Japan

    My favorite part about getting to port in Japan was being reunited with a friend, Keiko and her husband Toshio Hirooka after 24.5 years. My uncle had befriended them after […]

  • 1000 Paper Cranes in Hiroshima

    In Japan, it is said that if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wishes will come true… On August 6, 1945, the United States Military dropped an atomic bomb on […]

  • Bad Leaders, Dynamic Nation: Lessons from Japanese History

    How is it that Japan has maintained such dynamism and vitality throughout its history despite long periods of inept or inefficient government?  As the students of the Spring 2015 Semester […]

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