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  • Turning Back the Tide of HIV/AIDS in Honduras

    This is the face of HIV/AIDS in Honduras. The 31-year-old woman, almost as tiny as a child, has been a commercial sex worker since she was 14. At 15 she […]

  • Alumna Visits Explorer and Recalls '73 Voyage

    The ship was all of metal, the cabins reminiscent of cargo containers, with foldup bunks. After the first month, the food was less than appetizing. Students even helped clean the […]

  • Global Education: All in the Family

    How’s this for a mother-daughter experience? Kathy Townley of Dickson, Ky., is sailing aboard the MV Explorer on the Maymester voyage as a lifelong learner with her daughter Angela Claeys, […]

  • Maymester: A Voyage of Firsts

    In so many ways, the 2011 Short-Term Semester at Sea voyage is a first: First short-term voyage. First to examine a central theme of quality of life as outlined by […]

  • The Importance of Visiting Brazil

    On December 30, 2011, the The MV Explorer will enter the Amazon River in Northern Brazil for the first Enrichment Voyage visit to Brazil since 2008. It is incredibly important for us to understand and visit this burgeoning economic powerhouse and strategic ally of the United States.

  • Sailing on Horseback: When Land and Sea Collide in Amazing Ways

    Semester at Sea has created a new Global Ambassadors program, whose participants are an excellent resource for first hand knowledge, experience and mentorship at over 100 colleges and universities.

  • Countdown to first ever May Voyage is on!

    As the ship is being prepared for the April Enrichment Voyage, we can’t help but think that so much work and planning – for us AND the students – is about to come to fruition. We’ll see all of you May Voyage participants in just a few weeks!

  • I left thinking who I was, and came back as who I am

    We were inter-port students on the ship for about two weeks only, but learned so much, that it will really make a difference in our lives.

  • Neptune Day: Dare Ye Take the Shellback Test?

    Screams and shrieks from the pool deck echoed throughout the ship Sunday morning, March 13,  as “Neptune Day” ceremonies kicked off and scurvy-ridden landlubbers who wanted to rise to the […]

  • Geology Expert Gives Talk on Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami

    MV Explorer, Indian Ocean, March 12–Geology professor Ken Hon was playing a computer game with his seven-year-old daughter on board the MV Explorer around noon on Friday, March 11, when […]

  • What is a consortium agreement?

    The term “consortium agreement” may not mean much to you right now. But in the field of study abroad, it’s a common form that allows your home university to transfer […]

  • Alumni Sail Again

    Institute for Shipboard Education VP of Development and Alumni Affairs, Megan Murphy, describes her opportunity to sail again as part of the 2010 reunion voyage with fellow shipmates from her original voyage.

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