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  • A Hip-Hop Pit Stop in Gugulethu Township

    Dr. Julie Strand, who previously brought her class to a Brazilian samba school, planned another evening of harmony, history, and hospitality in Cape Town. On the first day in South […]

  • The Positive Power of Soccer

    South Africa has made immense changes during the past few decades, but racial disparities remain to this day in the townships of Cape Town. The townships, a remnant of the […]

  • Cycling through Khayelitsha

    Cape Town is a city of contrasts. Just outside the downtown grid of skyscrapers and upscale restaurants lies the expansive Cape Flats area, where millions of residents live in a […]

  • Celebrating Black History off the Coast of Africa

    In another once-in-a-lifetime event, the spring students are observing Black History Month at the same time the MV Explorer is tracing the coast of Africa. The ship’s Black Student Union […]

  • Experiencing Community Service in Three Countries

      By: Rebecca Dickinson, Communications Team Work Study Student Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Accra, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa. – These are cities where I have volunteered with Habitat for […]

  • A Ghana Back Story

    By: Jerry White, Lifelong Learner and Faculty Family Member I write this share a few weeks after the reverberations of the drums and the experience have subsided somewhat.  The preparation […]

  • Top-Ten Tuesdays: South African Experiences

    The only difficult thing about making a list of South African wonders is limiting it to ten. Table Mountain – visible from everywhere in Cape Town, including the MV Explorer’s […]

  • An Evening With the Williams Family

    An evening with the Williams family is a joy, and not unlike an evening with most families.  One hears playful banter about which of the parents’ universities the children prefer, […]

  • Keep Dreaming

    “It is wonderful to be back on the ship. (Not boat.)” With these words Archbishop Desmond Tutu came home to the MV Explorer.  Last night, hours before we left Cape […]

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