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  • Open Ships Flip the Script & Lets the World Learn about SAS

    While Semester at Sea students head down the gangway to explore each new country, there’s often a crew of new students climbing up the stairs to take their place for […]

  • Keeping Cities Green in Crowded Hong Kong

    Recent decades marked a landmark shift in human history—for the first time ever, more people lived in urban areas than in rural areas. There are currently 500 cities with over […]

  • Reflections on the War Remnants Museum

    Ho Chi Minh City, back when it was known as Saigon, served as the base for American troops and other anti-communist forces during the Vietnam War. The decades-long conflict ended […]

  • Learning English at the Chinese Writing Center

    At the end of the voyage, Semester at Sea students will have thousands of stories to share with friends and family back home. Dr. Andrea Lunsford, an English professor from […]

  • Taking a Look through Viet Nam War Binoculars

    Eshley Spitzer, from Indiana University – Bloomington, has been writing weekly for her campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student,  throughout the voyage. Read her article on the Cu Chi Tunnels […]

  • Senator Robb and Lynda Bird Johnson Shape SAS Visit to Viet Nam

    The MV Explorer sailed away from Ho Chi Minh City on the 29th of March, 39 years to the day after the American military withdrawal in 1973. Recent history was […]

  • Service through the Service Industry: SAS Alumnus Starts Non-Profit in Cambodia

    While the MV Explorer docked in Viet Nam, 300 students took advantage of Semester at Sea trips to visit neighboring Cambodia, experiencing recent history at the Killing Fields, exploring the […]

  • Student Photos – Viet Nam and Cambodia

    Xin chào from Viet Nam and sues dei from Cambodia. The MV Explorer docked in Ho Chi Minh City for five days and students spread out to every corner of […]

  • Turning a Global Semester into a Global Career

    Semester at Sea may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the effects of the program last forever. SAS began nearly 50 years ago and today there are close to 60,000 alumni […]

  • Speaking Singlish

    Most folks struggle with Shakespeare, but imagine it translated into Singlish. Yes, Singlish. Much like Dominica and Mauritius, residents of Singapore also created a hybrid language in the face of […]

  • A Week at "Home" in India

    Semester at Sea has built several connections around the world over the past 49 years, taking new students to trusted locations each semester. This year marks the 20th anniversary of […]

  • Spring 2012 Sea Olympics

    The Summer Olympics won’t start until July, but the MV Explorer got a jump start this week with its own epic, all-encompassing tournament known as the Sea Olympics. While the […]

  • Student Photos – India

    Namaste from India. The MV Explorer docked along the southwest coast but students spread out across the country, photographing the people and places of Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Goa, Chennai, Delhi, […]

  • Starry, Starry Nights

    Back in the earlier explorer days, the stars played a huge role in navigating the seven seas. Times have changed, and thankfully the crew on the MV Explorer‘s bridge has […]

  • Religious Art and Architecture of India

    The southwestern state of Kerala has been an important eastern trade hub for centuries, long before the first European explorers arrived in 1500. The crossroad culture of Kochi has impacted […]

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