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  • Postcard from Viet Nam: An Unlikely Community on the Local Bus in Vietnam

    Soon after my friend Alex and I were told that our one-hour bus ride from the Hanoi, Vietnam airport to Ha Long Bay was actually a five-hour journey, we were […]

  • Microfinance in Action in Viet Nam

    While in Ho Chi Minh City, a group of voyagers spent a day learning about microfinance in Viet Nam on one of Semester at Sea’s Social EntrepreneurSHIP field programs. Microfinance […]

  • Making Friends (and an IMPACT) in a Vietnamese Orphanage

    On the Spring 2014, 50th Anniversary voyage there are over 230 field programs offered to the shipboard community ranging from spending a night on a Japanese mountain with Buddhist monks to getting a […]

  • Postcard from Viet Nam: Crashing the Classroom

    I was sitting at this coffee house at 11:00pm with five of my friends from Semester at Sea, laughing at a joke our new friend Mazic Kangjo, a local Vietnamese […]

  • Cross Cultural Psychology In Action

    In a classroom filled with natural light from the warm Vietnamese sun, undergraduates in Peg Barratt’s Cross-Cultural Psychology class were seated at five large tables alongside students from the Ho […]

  • The Spring 2012 Voyage Says Goodbye

    This semester’s 570 students disembarked this week in San Diego, heading out towards their futures with an international and interconnected outlook on life. The 108th voyage of Semester at Sea has officially come to an end after 105 days, 12 countries, and 25,000 nautical miles around the world.

  • Work of the World

    Travel isn’t sight-seeing. Travel is experiencing. The Spring 2012 itinerary brought students to dozens of cities on 4 different continents in order to see firsthand how life takes place around […]

  • Reflections on the War Remnants Museum

    Ho Chi Minh City, back when it was known as Saigon, served as the base for American troops and other anti-communist forces during the Vietnam War. The decades-long conflict ended […]

  • Taking a Look through Viet Nam War Binoculars

    Eshley Spitzer, from Indiana University – Bloomington, has been writing weekly for her campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student,  throughout the voyage. Read her article on the Cu Chi Tunnels […]

  • Senator Robb and Lynda Bird Johnson Shape SAS Visit to Viet Nam

    The MV Explorer sailed away from Ho Chi Minh City on the 29th of March, 39 years to the day after the American military withdrawal in 1973. Recent history was […]

  • Student Photos – Viet Nam and Cambodia

    Xin chào from Viet Nam and sues dei from Cambodia. The MV Explorer docked in Ho Chi Minh City for five days and students spread out to every corner of […]

  • Finding home in Viet Nam and Cambodia

    Students reflect on the beauty, food, people, experience and culture they found in Viet Nam and Cambodia during the Fall 2011 Voyage of Semester at Sea.

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