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  • In Hemingway's Footsteps

    Following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, Fall 2014 voyagers used their time in Cuba to gain a different perspective on a creative man who helped define literature standards. Hemingway […]

  • Music Cultures: Samba in Salvador

    Musical practices, aesthetics and skills that can be observed in Brazil’s music and dance came with the slaves who were taken from their homes in Africa during the Atlantic slave […]

  • Through the Lens of Todd Forsgren

    I love that romantic age of exploration when folks like Audubon and Darwin traveled around making scientific discoveries and creating incredible artwork.  Travel has been an extremely important part of my […]

  • Traveling to Find Unwritten Words

    Sometimes we feel like there are no words to describe an experience on Semester at Sea. In travel, we are bombarded with so many new experiences, new tastes and new […]

  • Exploring Volubilis
  • Mathematics in Portugal's Art & Architecture

    “There’s math everywhere!” exclaimed Shannon Evans, from Pace University, as she stood in front of a mural by Almada Negreiros which the group stumbled upon in the lobby of the […]

  • Made in Lisbon: A City of Tiles

    As the MV Explorer pulls into port, an incredible skyline emerges in the heart of Lisbon that is not to be missed. Under the red-tiled rooftops, beautiful facades decorated in […]

  • A Tale of Mindful Traveling

    As mindful travelers on Semester at Sea, students are always looking for alternative experiences to commercial tourism in every port, such as service-learning or engaging with professors on a field […]

  • Walking Through Monet's Masterpiece

    Traveling the western coast of France, inspirations for impressionist paintings were not hard to come by. With voyagers venturing into Honfleur, Fécamp, Étretat, and even their port city of Le […]

  • Discovering a Passion for Media

    While visiting Hamburg, Germany, students in Professor Margaret D’Silva’s Global Media class left the classroom and had a chance to explore TIDE, a community television and radio station at the […]

  • A Student Perspective: Backpacking to Berlin

    As soon as St. Petersburg was forgotten behind the horizon, Poland and Germany became the primary focus for all of us on the ship. It was the first opportunity for […]

  • Visit to a Russian Ballet School

    During their stay in St. Petersburg, Russia, a group of Fall 2014 students had the opportunity to visit a private ballet school in the heart of the city. Unlike attending an […]

  • From A Thousand Eyes: Russia

    “From a Thousand Eyes,” is a four-part series on the Summer 2014 voyage that depicts our ports from the viewpoint of the participants. Here, in the final installment, students share […]

  • Irish "Trad" Music

    The field program “Roots of Irish Music,” led by Professor Kathleen Adams, brought a cross-section of the Summer 2014 Semester at Sea community to Ennis, in County Clare, Ireland.  In […]

  • From A Thousand Eyes: Ireland

    “From a Thousand Eyes” is a four-part series on the Summer 2014 voyage that depicts our ports from the viewpoint of the participants. Here, students and faculty share their experiences […]

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