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  • Fall 2018 Professor Preview: Dr. Nan Sussman

    Semester at Sea — from life on the MV World Odyssey, to language barriers, to the kind of food voyagers eat in-country — is about encountering the new, the unfamiliar, […]

  • Spring 2018 Voyager reflects on Semester at Sea

    Like all great endings, my semester around the world comes to a close with the promise of a new beginning. As I prepare to journey home in just two short […]

  • Voyagers find ways to give back to community in Ghana

    Many of Semester at Sea’s programs in Ghana focused on connecting with locals and students did just that. Between homestays and service visits to local social enterprises, voyagers took the […]

  • Interport lecturer Zubeida Jaffer joins community in Mauritius

    Zubeida Jaffer, an award-winning South African journalist, joined the shipboard community in Mauritius to talk about her experience as a journalist of color reporting at the time of the uprisings […]

  • Spring 2018 faculty member wins Hiddingh-Currie award

    Faculty member Megan Lewis is much more than a professor- she’s a thespian, a historian, an advocate for human rights, and now, the winner of the Hiddingh-Currie literary award. As […]

  • University of Alabama voyagers play Holi in India

    On any other day of the year, Megan Hoeffler’s flaming red hair would stick out among the crowded streets of New Delhi like a rose in a garden of daisies. […]

  • Myanmar homecoming ten years in the making

    Exactly ten years to the date, Spring 2018 voyager and solo Burmese student Richard Thawng returned back to his home country of Myanmar as the MV World Odyssey sailed into […]

  • Discovering theatre in Vietnam

    Theatre and performance can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. According to Introduction to Theatre professor Dr. Megan Lewis, you can learn a lot about a culture from how they act […]

  • Global Studies prepares students for Japan

    Twelve days at sea between Hawaii and Japan have given Global Studies director Alex Nalbach a lot of time to prepare students for culture shock in Kobe. Semester at Sea’s […]

  • Origami and Temples in Kyoto

    For Fall 2017 voyagers, traditions were brought to life during the “Origami and Temples in Kyoto” field program. They got in touch with their spiritual side visiting multiple temples, including […]

  • Life Along the Mekong Delta Homestay Field Program

    The Mekong Delta River could very well be deemed the “lifeblood” of south-western Vietnam. Citizens of the Mekong Delta region not only rely on the river for resources and transportation […]

  • Fall 2017 Voyagers set to explore China

    Voyagers aboard the MV World Odyssey celebrated Thanksgiving the best way possible—by arriving in Shanghai to start Fall 2017’s six-day stay in China. Shanghai, the tenth port of the Fall […]

  • Female empowerment at sea and in India

    Life onboard the MV World Odyssey is a unique living experience—a magnified version of a college campus, with a diverse group of students sailing around the world together. Voyagers come […]

  • Fall 2017 Voyagers serve village in India

    Most Fall 2017 Voyagers made it to the Taj Mahal while traveling in India, thanks to different field programs options that all, at one point during the six-day stay in […]

  • Experience Guides Executive Dean Tom Jelke

    Dr. Tom Jelke, Executive Dean of the Fall 2017 Voyage is a seasoned Semester at Sea veteran. Jelke first set sail in the Summer of 2002, and the current Fall Voyage […]

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