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Topic: Culture

  • Behind the scenes of Enrichment Voyages

    Enrichment Voyages require a great deal of planning to come off without a hitch. From scheduling keynote speakers to scheduling space for shows on board the MV Explorer, the Enrichment Voyage team works together to make it all happen.

  • Getting Social in the Middle of the Amazon River

    Semester at Sea has an active and generous online community in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We are working on ways to engage them even while the ship is at sea.

  • Countdown to first ever May Voyage is on!

    As the ship is being prepared for the April Enrichment Voyage, we can’t help but think that so much work and planning – for us AND the students – is about to come to fruition. We’ll see all of you May Voyage participants in just a few weeks!

  • I left thinking who I was, and came back as who I am

    We were inter-port students on the ship for about two weeks only, but learned so much, that it will really make a difference in our lives.

  • Slideshow: Week in Review, India and Neptune Day

    The shipboard community recently celebrated the time-honored Semester at Sea tradition of Neptune Day to honor those on board who crossed the equator for the first time during this voyage. […]

  • Geology Expert Gives Talk on Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami

    MV Explorer, Indian Ocean, March 12–Geology professor Ken Hon was playing a computer game with his seven-year-old daughter on board the MV Explorer around noon on Friday, March 11, when […]

  • Stefanie Amadeo: U.S. Diplomat

    U.S. Foreign Service officer, Stephanie Amadeo, sailed with the SAS Spring 2011 voyage for three days in Brazil, talking about her work, career, and the robust economy in Brazil.

  • Dominica: Unique opportunities on land and sea

    The Caribbean nation of Dominica provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore a beautiful country with a unique history and geographic assets. This port provides not just a scenic destination, but a chance to learn about the natural, historical, and economic forces that have shaped not only Dominica, but the Caribbean itself.

  • holy rituals performed on the Ganges River Varanasi

    The Benefits of a Comparative Study Abroad Experience

    Typical study abroad experiences offer a variety of destinations in which students are immersed in the traditional cultures, institutions and interactions of their host countries. Semester at Sea seeks to provide a different kind of study abroad experience, by offering a comparative approach.

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