Topic: History

  • Colonialism and Revolution in Cochin

    At the center of the historic spice trade, the port of Cochin, India has experienced multiple periods of foreign rule since the 1500’s, seeing major influences from Dutch, Portuguese, and […]

  • Growth, Inequality, and Poverty in India

    Indian Interport Lecturer Nisha Agrawal has been working on poverty, inequality and development issues for more than two decades and has served as the CEO of Oxfam India since its […]

  • Discoveries Outside of the Classroom in Cambodia

    While the MV Explorer was docked in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, students had the unique opportunity to choose from a number of Semester at Sea Field Programs and travel […]

  • The Vietnam War and Its Impact on the "Woodstock Generation"

    On the eve of the MV Explorer’s arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Spring 2015 Faculty members Phillip Kolbe and Hugh Flick discuss their military service and their experiences […]

  • Discovering Eastern Religious Practices at Kamakura

    And whoso will, from Pride released Contemning neither creed nor priest, May feel the Soul of all the East About him at Kamakura. -Rudyard Kipling, Buddha at Kamakura (1892) Students […]

  • A Silent Lesson From The Japanese

    As a visitor in Japan, I learned most of the hidden protocols of Japanese traditional society in their public transportation system. Coming from a loud Latin American culture, my friends […]

  • Photo Reflections From Osaka

    Japan is sprinkled with numerous memorial and spiritual sites throughout the reverent country. During the Spring 2015 voyage’s time in Japan, Professor Amber Johnson challenged her photojournalism class to observe […]

  • 1000 Paper Cranes in Hiroshima

    In Japan, it is said that if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wishes will come true… On August 6, 1945, the United States Military dropped an atomic bomb on […]

  • Bad Leaders, Dynamic Nation: Lessons from Japanese History

    How is it that Japan has maintained such dynamism and vitality throughout its history despite long periods of inept or inefficient government?  As the students of the Spring 2015 Semester […]

  • In Hemingway's Footsteps

    Following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, Fall 2014 voyagers used their time in Cuba to gain a different perspective on a creative man who helped define literature standards. Hemingway […]

  • Song and dance were performed at the welcome reception.

    A Warm Welcome in Cuba

    For many Americans, traveling to the Republic of Cuba is not an option. But for Fall 2014 voyagers, they are now included in the lucky few to explore a place […]

  • Finding History in the Sugar Cane Fields

    While docked in Barbados, students in Professor Alexander Nalbach’s History of the Atlantic course had the opportunity to visit several historical sites on the island with history related to the […]

  • Music Cultures: Samba in Salvador

    Musical practices, aesthetics and skills that can be observed in Brazil’s music and dance came with the slaves who were taken from their homes in Africa during the Atlantic slave […]

  • Traveling to Find Unwritten Words

    Sometimes we feel like there are no words to describe an experience on Semester at Sea. In travel, we are bombarded with so many new experiences, new tastes and new […]

  • 2014 Founders Day Student Perspective: Following Family Footsteps

    Parker Dannenberg Student Parker Danneberg grew up hearing about the excitement of Semester at Sea. Both parents had done the program; his mom on the Spring 1982 voyage and his […]

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