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Topic: History

  • Athens in Crisis: Economy vs. Environment

    When we discuss the economic problems in a country, we hardly consider the environmental impacts. Although Greece has been in a poor economic state since World War II, rapid urbanization […]

  • The Straw Sisters travel together during the Summer 2013 Voyage

    Special Guest of the MV Explorer, Becky Straw, a Spring 2002 alumna, recently traveled with the Summer, 2013 voyage, sailing through Piraeus, Greece.  Straw, who has helped launch multiple non-profit […]

  • Experiencing the Cretan Lifestyle

    The essence of any culture is the sounds, tastes and traditions passed on from generation to generation. In Crete, the largest of all the Greek islands, the culture is rich […]

  • Reconstructing Perge in the Field

    Archaeological excavations in the past seven decades at Perge have revealed an ancient Greek city filled with artifacts and statues dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, visitors can marvel […]

  • Exploring the Ruins of Aspendos & Perge

    With some structures dating back as far as 1000 BC, the ruins of Perge and Aspendos are two of the most ancient sites nestled along the coast near Antalya. And, […]

  • A Journey to the Berber Villages of Morocco

    Throughout history, the pre-Arab Berber culture survived in many parts of North Africa for thousands of years. Today, a majority of Berber villages can be found in Morocco, deep in […]

  • SAS Fall 2013 Exclusive United Nations Program: Make an Impact!

    Imagine… being at the center of international politics and the forefront of humans rights debates. Imagine… that you could interact directly with global leaders and that your voice could be […]

  • Union Seminar Series: Mediterranean Uprising

    The Union Seminar Series aboard the MV Explorer facilitates a discussion between students and faculty concerning major topics in the surrounding region. During the first installment of the series, panelists […]

  • Lloyd Lewan Talks about the Early History of Semester at Sea

    Listen to Semester at Sea: The Early Years, an audio podcast from the 2013 Reunion Voyage that features Lloyd Lewan (Spring 1969) as he recounts his experiences during the formation […]

  • Singapore's Role in World War II

    Singapore was one of the Crown Colonies of the British Empire, and because of it’s strategic location, it was also one of Emperial Japan’s primary targets during World War II. […]

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