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  • Cooking Portuguese Cuisine

    During a recent field trip to Lisbon, participants had a chance to get in touch with their inner Julia Child while participating in a cooking workshop designed to introduce the […]

  • Gibraltar: Defense from Within

    The Summer 2013 Voyage has finally come full circle. After sailing around the Mediterranean Sea, the MV Explorer is face to face with the great Rock of Gibraltar, once again. […]

  • A Day at the Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society

    It was difficult getting McKayla to eat. McKayla, a rescued sea turtle residing at the Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, is recovering from critical injuries, and will stay […]

  • Mediterranean Marine Biology Conservation

    While visiting Antalya, Turkey, students of Sal Genovese’s Marine Conservation Biology Class were introduced to a variety of timely and topical conservation issues. Dr. Genovese, Director of Northeastern University’s Three […]

  • Reconstructing Perge in the Field

    Archaeological excavations in the past seven decades at Perge have revealed an ancient Greek city filled with artifacts and statues dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, visitors can marvel […]

  • Unreasonable at Sea: Learning by Doing

    Unreasonable at Sea Mentor Tom Chi is the former Experience Lead for Special Projects at GoogleX, where he developed experimental products such as Google Glass and Google’s Self-Driving Cars.  Tom […]

  • Rescuing Sea Turtles in Uruguay

    One of the hallmarks of Semester at Sea are unique overnight expeditions designed to encapsulate both adventure and education. Follow along as small group of SAS students in Uruguay assist […]

  • SAS Oregon Alumni Sleep with the Sharks

    On Saturday, September 15, the SAS Oregon Alumni spent the night at a private “sleepover” in the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Oregon Chapter Rep Abby DenUyl and fellow Alum, Jenni Remillard, […]

  • There's Something Fishy in Lisbon: Students Visit Oceanarium

    Housing many different species of fish, cnidaria, birds and mammals, the Oceanario de Lisboa showcases the great oceans of the world.  At 16,000 animals, 1,346,493 gallons of seawater, and 23 feet […]

  • What are the Day-to-Day Functions of the European Union?

    Most of us hear about the European Union in the news, and we know, more or less, that it represents several European countries in a united, global front. But what […]

  • The Shark Experience Continues in the Lisbon Oceanário

    As the capstone experience for the Professor Dan Abel’s Biology of Sharks class, students join Lisbon local Dr. João Correia for a behind the scenes tour of the Lisbon Oceanário, […]

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