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  • What is a consortium agreement?

    The term “consortium agreement” may not mean much to you right now. But in the field of study abroad, it’s a common form that allows your home university to transfer […]

  • Will my credits transfer?

    One of the biggest grey areas in study abroad is the issue of credit transfer. It’s important to know the possible credit transfer scenarios you may face, as well as how to best get answers to your questions from your home university.

  • Dominica: Unique opportunities on land and sea

    The Caribbean nation of Dominica provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore a beautiful country with a unique history and geographic assets. This port provides not just a scenic destination, but a chance to learn about the natural, historical, and economic forces that have shaped not only Dominica, but the Caribbean itself.

  • holy rituals performed on the Ganges River Varanasi

    The Benefits of a Comparative Study Abroad Experience

    Typical study abroad experiences offer a variety of destinations in which students are immersed in the traditional cultures, institutions and interactions of their host countries. Semester at Sea seeks to provide a different kind of study abroad experience, by offering a comparative approach.

  • Alumni Sail Again

    Institute for Shipboard Education VP of Development and Alumni Affairs, Megan Murphy, describes her opportunity to sail again as part of the 2010 reunion voyage with fellow shipmates from her original voyage.

  • Fields of Canola

    My First Days In the Office

    My first day here was not like anyone else’s. I had already been working for the Institute for Shipboard Education for 6 months from my home in Blacksburg, VA. During […]

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